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University of Regina

University of University of Regina

The University of Regina is a renowned public research university located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It was founded originally in 1911 and changed throughout the times with the demand of ages.

It was a private denominational high school of the Methodist Church of Canada. The university became an autonomous university in 1974. At present, the university is not only for Canadian but also an international institution where students come from more than 100 countries and complete their higher education.

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Why Choose University of Regina as Your First Choice

The University of Regina is not only a general international institution that provides courses and certificates but also makes its students highly competitive in the professional area. This is a research-based university.

The academy allows several research facilities for the students with many more advantages.
  • The university labs are filled up with world-class facilities. Online library service is available for 24 hours. Furthermore, the library has some special facility rooms for impaired and special needs students.
  • Huge opportunities for getting scholarships.
  • The university is well known for research work and innovation support.
  • Successful graduates in professional career.
  • Studying from anywhere in the world is allowed in the university.
  • UR provides more than 200 courses in 10 different faculty.
  • 24/7 hours campus and residence hall security.
Reasons to Go The University of Regina

The University of Regina has a rich history of spreading knowledge in Canada.

In 1911, as a private denominational high school of the Methodist Church of Canada and after that, it began an association with the University of Saskatchewan as a junior college in 1925, and was disaffiliated by the Church and fully ceded to the University in 1934.

In 1961 it attained degree-granting status as the Regina Campus of the University of Saskatchewan.

History Origin

The university campus has a modern facility and green surroundings simultaneously that makes the campus attractive and enchanting. To ensure security, the campus police team works and if you face any problem, you can report to the campus police online.

To implement skills and abilities among the students, the university releases Newspapers. Besides, it has its TV channel and radio station. Apart from study advantage and equipment, there are many sources for entertainment and recreation such as debate club, music club, indoor games, outdoor games, cultural programs, language club and open stage.

Exquisite UR Campus

The University has its residential hall with many facilities. First of all, students from different countries come to study and live in the university hall. Therefore, it would be a great opportunity to know about various countries, cultures, religions, and languages.

Then, you can select a residential hall near the campus if you prefer. Also, students can live with other students in the same flat. On the other hand, if you desire, you have the scope to live in an ensuite room where you do not have to share your kitchen and washroom.

Student Accommodation

The university offers different sorts of scholarships and fundings for overseas students. The students who are highly geniuses and present brilliant performances would easily get scholarships. Though you can not show something extraordinary, you still have a chance to get a good amount of funding since the university offers scholarships for full-time undergraduate international students. Furthermore, the UR proposes different categories of scholarships for different students. Such as

  • National Scholarships (including Tri Council funding)
  • Awards to Study Abroad
  • FGSR Funding/Special Awards
  • Other Awards and Scholarships
  • External Scholarship Opportunities
  • External Student and Faculty Awards
Scholarships for International Students

Generally, the ranking of a university is published in two forms: national and international position. The national ranking of the University of Regina is 26 and holds the top 15 positions as research-based university ranking in Canada.

The University of Regina is a top-ranked university in the world for its education system and quality as well. For instance, the worldwide recognized Best Global University ranking shows that the global ranking of UR is 902.

UR World Ranking

After completing higher secondary education or graduation in Bangladesh students seek a world recognised university in Canada for gathering further higher education. They face difficulties as they do not have proper information about entry requirements, scholarships and details like Foundation entry, Undergraduate entry, Postgraduate entry as well as Research entry.

To provide a clear way to reach your desired destination or to sort out the best possible way SANGEN is the UR Representative in Bangladesh. If you are in Dhaka or other parts of the country, don’t hesitate, just give a call to Sangen Edu.

Opportunities For Bangladeshi Student

The UR has a great range of outstanding members in the alumni community. Roy Bonisteel, Laurier LaPierre, Knowlton Nash, Bill Cunningham, Val Sears, Myrna Kostash, Walter Stewart, John Sawatsky and Maggie Siggins, inter alios, have been visiting professors in the School of Journalism, Gordon Barnhart, SOM, author, former secretary of the House of Commons, and former Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan, Janice Acoose, author, newspaper columnist, filmmaker, indigenous language advocate and professor of indigenous and English literature at First Nations University, Sylvain Charlebois, food and agriculture expert, Jason Clermont, Canadian Football Player are some dignitary members. Apart from these excellent members, the alumni also have numerous notable academicians, politicians, sportsmen, journalists, actors, Poet, Novelist and many more others.

Notable Alumni

They offer some demandable courses that may assist you in your bright professional life. The Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science offers courses like Engineering programs offered: Electronic Systems Engineering, Environmental Systems Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering, Petroleum Systems Engineering, and Software Systems Engineering.

Students may add a specialization in the following disciplines: Communications Engineering, Controls, Digital Design, Power Electronics, Manufacturing Engineering, and Process Engineering. The Faculty of Science offers computer science, math and statistics, geology, biology, physics, chemistry and biochemistry, and actuarial science. The Faculty of Business Administration includes both the Paul J.

Hill School of Business (undergraduate programs) and the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business (graduate degree/certificate programs). The Faculty of Media, Arts offers visual art, theatre, music, and media production and studies. The Faculty of SocialWork offers practice and research-based programs of social work and case study. The University of Regina delivers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses based on research purpose. The Faculty of Arts offers the country's only Police Studies program.

UR Specialise Courses

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