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About Sangen Who We Are

Our Values

SANGEN Edu Ltd. is an experienced education consultant, who deeply believes in shaping the future of our students who wants to enhance their knowledge through the platform of education. Our values and beliefs are equally reinforced through numerous ways to provide better quality services to the students. In a basic way, we are top to bottom committed to give better training consultancy administrations to its customers.

About Sangen Edu Ltd.

We have direct contact with all first-rate colleges and universities abroad. This implies our customers will confront no deferrals and bother to secure their offer letters and COE in hands.

  • Being customer focused.
  • Offering excellent quality consultancy service.
  • Working with integrity.
  • Ensuring responsible counseling through effective team work.
  • Achieving excellence in whatever we do.

Our Objectives

  • To provide the utmost level of encouragement and support to students who aspire to get overseas in China, India, Malaysia, UK and Canada.
  • To provide up-to-date information and course details of the universities and the necessary information about study abroad through a free counseling service.
  • To provide effortless and distinctive quality service and commit to improve continually.
  • To provide the services for admission and after admission. Our care and concern continue from start to end. We offer first-hand assistance to students studying in various countries, including airport pickup services, arranging accommodations, and even opening bank accounts.
About Sangen Edu Ltd.
  • We stay in regular contacts with our students and liaise with universities as well as parents in monitoring students’ academic progress.
  • To provide the information about the scholarship program in countries we represent.
  • To promote all round development of student’s abilities and personalities, and empower the potential.
  • To help the students find a quick and easy but a more cost-effective way for study in the universities of the above-mentioned countries.

What We Do

Deliver top Professional and Quality Services

At SANGEN Edu Ltd., we set out always to deliver top professional and quality Educational Consultancy services to help our clients on their way to having a successful study abroad story and experience. That’s the only way we can be successful too.

Bring Awareness to Peoples

Brainstorm as many ideas as possible to bring awareness to peoples regarding higher education in Bangladesh and abroad, focusing on specialized courses which are not available in Bangladesh.

Select Cost Effective Study

To select cost-effective study route or career path that best suites candidate’s profile, consequently leading to dreamed goal.

Giving Latest and Reliable Information

To give the latest and reliable information about selected institutions or countries i.e. language requirements, accommodation and living conditions, part time job opportunities, and even hardships or obstacles that one may be confronted with, so he/she will adapt in that new domain easily and quickly.

Organize free Workshops, Seminars

To organize free workshops, seminars and extracurricular activities in diverse disciplines that add to participant’s intellectual skills, give awareness about education, health etc, bring positive change in their minds i.e. reduce frustration and increase optimism.

Education for all Program

To emphasize “education for all”, search for merit and need based scholarships in different countries, and to encourage talented and poor students who dream to study abroad but cannot due to scarce financial resources.

Apply for multiple courses

We provide options to apply for multiple courses for multiple universities.

Arranging training and Grooming Session

Capacity building of our clients, grooming their personality, takeaway hesitation in presentation, by arranging group discussion sessions, English conversation classes, improving presentation skills and other training, enabling them to face upcoming challenges with courage.

SangenServices We are Happy to Provide

Our prominent services are quite popular among the students and professionals who are familiar with our norm and ideals. A wide range of facilities and services we offer to our clients.

  • We provide options to apply for multiple courses for multiple universities.
  • We help you to prepare and submit all necessary documents.
  • We help to prepare a study plan (Statement of Purpose) and reference letter.
  • We provide visa guidance for visa formalities, help you to fill the visa application, provide you complete assistance in all visa procedures and ensuring you to submit the right document for your visa, and personal interview guidance.
  • We keep up-to-date information about all our countries where we send our students.
  • Our counselors evaluate results, financial abilities and other factors, and suggest several suitable universities according to the evaluation and circumstances.