Study in Australia
Study in Australia

Take a look Why to Choose Australia as the Ultimate Destination for Higher Education

Australia is considered one of the most rapidly progressed countries in education. In recent years Australia has become the most famous country among students. Australia is the best choice for the students who are looking for a diploma & higher education.

Diploma & Higher Education in Australia

Students Focus

Most of the students in Bangladesh wanted to go abroad for higher study and they were always looking for an easy way to go there. In Bangladesh many of the students do not know how to apply and the requirements of going abroad. They are also looking for a trustworthy agent to help them in the full process to go and complete their study. Sangen Edu Ltd. is a government-registered renowned student consultancy firm that is always ready to help you. Our expert consultant will guide you in every step of your progress and help you to fill up all the requirements.

Student Popularity

In Bangladesh, students complete their higher secondary education or graduation seeking a country where they would be benefited from the study. A huge number of Bangladeshi students are already studying in Australian universities also completing degrees with high CGPA and performing reputedly on and off the campus.

A Small Comparison

Over 150 countries’ students have higher education there and in comparison with other developed countries like the USA, UK, China, or Malaysia; Australia charges low tuition fees and offers a wide range of study programs for students.

The Ultimate Guide for Bangladeshi Students to Get Admission in Australia

A student must plan a specific time to go abroad for higher study because the universities offer two specific fall programs in summer and winter. Application deadlines would be different rather similar depending on the school, yet most of the programs starting in the fall (September-November), applications will generally be open from early in the year (January/February) until the middle of the year (June/July). If you fall into any confusion do not hesitate to contact our counselor, who already knows the process also can give you a better suggestion. We are always ready to help you.

There are some important things you have to ensure to go through the process and primarily Sangen Edu refers to a guideline or procedure that should be followed respectively for better & easy way to finish the process:

  • Choose a suitable course or subject to study.
  • Choose your dream university to apply to in Australia.
  • Submit your university application.
  • Fill up all the paper that is required for university entry.
  • Learn about the language requirements.
  • Make sure all the paper is ready before the last date.
  • Follow all the steps after receiving your acceptance letter from the University.

Some of the top-ranked universities of the world are located right there, and their law schools, business schools, engineering schools, and medical schools continue to grab the attention of international students everywhere, those top universities are great places to attend for your Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. programs, as they offer the best courses on a global standard.

When a student is thinking of higher education abroad, he or she prefers to build a bright career there like a teacher or corporate leader for that Australia is the best place to make that to reality. A lot of successful academicians, professors, highly qualified professionals, corporate leaders as well as renowned scientists and researchers are serving there with high-esteem who are from Bangladesh.

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Some Top Reasons Why Bangladeshi students wanted to go for study in Australia

  • Rapidly improving quality higher education with advanced technology.
  • Getting easy access to famous international institutions.
  • Affordable cost of studying & living there.
  • Part-time jobs are available for students.
  • Wide range of Career opportunities after completing the study.
  • Easy immigration procedures.
  • Enriched history & diverse culture.
  • No language barriers.
  • English is the medium of communication.
  • An explorable destination for travel enthusiasts.
  • Multi-religious secular country.
  • Apart from some selected universities, no IELTS barriers.
  • Political and economic stability.
Frequently Asked Questions by Students
Australia is currently the third popular destination for international students in the world after the United States and the UK. Many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education.
A student can earn a minimum wage of 700$ per week (before tax) for working both on-campus and off-campus during the period of their full-time study.
Business Management, Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, etc are the top-recommended courses to study in Australia. Medical Science, Computing and IT, Business Analytics, Geology, Applied Health Sciences, Social Work, Construction and Urban Planning are the most popular subjects. Apart from these, there are various other UG and PG courses that are gaining more popularity among students.
A student needs to prove that he or she can bear the living costs (separate from tuition and travel) is set at AU$20,290 (~US$13,750) for a year. If you have dependents (such as a spouse and children), you will also need to show evidence of being able to cover living costs for them, including school fees. Alternatively, you can show evidence that your spouse or parents are willing to support you and that they earn at least AU$60,000 (~US$40,660) a year.
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection's Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) allows international students to remain in Australia for up to 18 months after they complete their studies for gaining work experience.
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Think Before Choose and Make a Right Decision

Bangladeshi students prefer to study in North American universities or to other developed countries’ universities but sometimes Bangladeshi institutions could not reach the required standard to go there and acquiring degrees from Australia helps to reach out at their preferable university. The reason that verified accreditation, assurance of top-quality programs, and global affiliations with reputed universities make Australia the media of educational migration.

For example, studying at Melbourne University, Australia is almost the same as completing your degree on an American campus. The only noticeable difference is the size and luxury of the original campus.

Available Scholarship & Fundings

If you want to accomplish your undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral programs in Australia, then government authorities or non-government institutions are looking for brilliant & talented students who want to undertake degrees from Australian universities by offering scholarships & fundings.

It’s a highly competitive field to focus on and get a position to get a scholarship. A good score and extra-curricular activities will also boost up your chance of getting financial aid.

Our Affiliated List of Universities in Australia

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