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Every year, we assist more than 200 students for their desired universities. We have expanded our services to one-to-one career counseling as well as choosing and selecting courses and universities for higher studies. We arrange resident coordinators in the foreign university campuses to support our students’ day-to-day needs.

Our Mission in Sangen Edu Ltd.

We also analyze and sort out the application requirements for processing, assisting, and resolving credit transfers or exceptions. We also provide visa guidance, assist in visa applications, and even arrange accommodations for our students there.

It definitely makes their lives easier and comfortable in foreign settings, which eventually helps to boost up their confidence to do well in their competitive degrees. We make an effective bridge between the student and the university. More than thousands of our students are studying in different universities and subjects in China.

Message From Our Honorable Founder

We would like to congratulate you for choosing SANGEN as your companion and mentor! We are grateful to you. You may be pleased by hearing that we are there beside you at any time in your needs—woes, and complications, even to help you in translating your dreams into reality.

I firmly believe many of you may not have a clue of deciding the ideal destination and/or a suitable program. It happens due to lack of proper knowledge in the practical field. I know you are fostering many dreams deep inside your hearts that are yet to come into being. One of the most important decisions that can change your life forever is the decision to go abroad for study purposes.

We offer quality-counseling services to assist you to reach the gateway of the leading foreign universities in the world. Meanwhile, you may know, we have earned reputations in placing students across the globe: in China, India, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and in Europe.

Mr. Monirul Hoque, Managing Director of Sangen Edu Ltd
Mr. Monirul Hoque, Managing Director of Sangen Edu Ltd

With our expertise in education and immigration, we are constantly assisting our students with admissions as well as scholarships at recognized Chinese universities as well as different universities of numerous countries. Since our establishment in 2008, with our regular visits to collaborate with institutions in such countries, we have created a wide and growing network. We are now a brand. We not only support the students with initial processing until visa decisions but also do our best to provide high-quality services both at home and abroad.

From choosing the right universities, processing applications, assisting in travel arrangements and accommodation, ministering during life abroad are our cordial responsibilities. We are keen to help and care for you every step of your way. Once again, we would like to thank our students, well-wishers, and our partner institutions in China, India, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe for supporting us with their friendly cooperation, ingenuity, and suggestions.

We look forward to serving you and desire whole-heartedly to be your assistance in your flourishing future. Wishing you all the success in life!

Our Present Concerns

At present, we are emphasizing our activities in China as an upcoming provider of an excellent education. We are currently working with some recognized Chinese universities. These universities are well known for their sound MBBS, BBA, BHM, and Engineering degrees that are popular among the students. Every year, a remarkable number of students are making their way to China through us to achieve their dreams. Our current partner universities in China are some of their prominent ones.

  • Southern Medical University
  • Jinan University
  • Southeast Medical University
  • Ningxia Medical University
  • Zhengzhou Medical University
  • Dali University
  • Nanchang University
  • Yunnan Technology and Business University
  • Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Southeast Forestry University
  • Yunnan Minzu University
  • Kunming University
  • Shijiazhuang Tiedao University

Why Choose Sangen An Education Consultancy Firm

We are the authorized representative of many Chinese universities in Bangladesh. We are also the authorized representative of many universities in India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and other European countries.

We have experienced and professional counselors to make your voyage more pleasant. We assist with the expert knowledge throughout the whole admission process.

We help through every step of the admission and accommodation, advice to choose the right program and university, help to prepare documents, apply on behalf of the students, medical service, embassy service, air ticket, airport pickup, and provide ongoing service throughout study life in China.

We take care of our students along with their journey to the university by providing resident coordinator on the campus.

We share our expert knowledge about study in China, India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe and create a strong bond with the students in their needs.

12 years of experience in working with different foreign universities. We have had more than thousands of satisfied students since Sangen’s establishment to provide all-in-all service, indeed!
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As a well-reputed educational consultancy firm with more than 14 years experience, we have already served thousands of students at home and abroad with commitment.

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