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Study in Bangladesh

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Diploma & Higher Education in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the booming developing countries in terms of the education sector, the country has witnessed a rise in the number of students in higher education.

It is rare to find a family who wants their children to be uneducated people. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the total number of students in higher education is approximately 8 lakhs including all public and private universities and it is predicted that this number will rise more in the following years.

None of the Bangladeshi students wishes or prioritizes being admitted to a private university instead of being admitted to a public university.

The simple equation is a public university run by the subsidy of government which means you could afford higher education at minimum cost. More than 100 hundred universities are currently running across the country and spreading the light of knowledge to the enthusiast learners.

The Ultimate Guide for Bangladeshi Students to Get Admission in Bangladesh

Just completing HSC or Alim exams, usually occur in April, students kick off their studying to be enrolled for the best institution through extensive competition. However, there are two types of university education in Bangladesh private and public and both of them have a different process of taking admission.

Here Usually, public universities used to take their students in single intake during their academic year that generally occur from September to December. In contrast with a public university, private university admission happen three times a year those are known as

  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester
  • Summer Semester

While getting the announcement of university admission, It is better to start the application as early as possible. Once you have submitted your application wait until your pursuit university makes another declaration if you have been selected for the next step of the admission test, in the further process you may sit in written exam and also sit on interview board to be finally enrolled your desired institution,

It is pretty simple to say since a large number of students are competing to be selected in top universities, whatever that is public or private, everyone has to prove himself or herself through the steps of hard competition.

By providing a high-standard educational discipline, a wide range of courses, skilled professionals, and enriched history, Bangladesh becomes a pursuable country for higher study at an affordable cost or at minimum cost if you are selected for the public university. However, these are some unavoidable reasons to go for:

  • With a super talent and rapidly growing advanced technology
  • Multi-diversified and Welcoming culture at every campus
  • A wide range of degrees to choose
  • Economically stable south Asian country
  • Minimal living cost
  • High standards education and experience
  • Enriched libraries with multiple segments
  • English is a medium of communication
  • Multi-religious accord in a certain area of land

Nowadays, you will point out several prominent universities in Bangladesh that have collaboration with partner universities, research firms, multinational corporations, and government organs.

Sharing innovative & creative ideas, inventing the innovative fields of knowledge or invention stimulate to progress university themselves as well as to enriched students’

knowledge and due to this fact, Bangladesh would be the best destination of your future study rather going across the border. Let’s set off a successful journey in your motherland or the land exploring beauty, Bangladesh.

higher education as an asset for sustainable development and poverty alleviation, government willingly allocates a huge amount of money to ensure higher education at the smallest cost.

Also, if you could grab a merit position in an admission test either in public or in a private university you must avail scholarship or funding opportunity.

Sangen Edu Ltd, a proven education consultancy, has an affiliation & associations with plenty of private institutions in Bangladesh and they might help you make the right decision regarding better university selection and informing you about available scholarship opportunities.

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Anwer Khan Modern Medical College is a private medical school in Bangladesh, established in 2008. It is located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. It is affiliated with the University of Dhaka as a constituent college.

Ibrahim Medical College is a private medical school in Bangladesh, established in 2002. It is located in the Shahbag neighborhood of Dhaka.

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