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Study Art & Design in Abroad from Bangladesh

Sangen Edu Ltd. is your number choice for studying art & design abroad. For more than 12+ years we have been helping numerous Bangladeshi students find suitable educational institutes outside the country for higher studies. We are working with top-ranked universities across the globe.

Our expertise in educational consultancy is unmatched and can significantly help you in the upbringing of your career. We have also earned the Best Educational Consultant Award for the impact we have left on the youth of today who are chasing their dreams abroad. Similarly, we can help shape the next big step you take for your future.

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Leading Higher Study Overseas Destinations

Leading Higher Study Overseas Destinations for Bangladeshi Students

Sangen Edu Ltd. works with leading universities throughout the entire world and can help you find an opportunity according to your preferred background. We work with more than 300+ universities that specialize in arts & design. We have dedicated our efforts to make a detailed outline of your career milestones easy and simple.

University of USA, Canada, United Kingdom

Shaping Your Future Starts Today

We assist with higher studies opportunities for in destinations including:

Student Career Counseling to Go Abroad

Student Career Counseling to Go Abroad from Bangladesh

Why is Student Counseling Important?

Going abroad for studying in a completely new environment requires some knowledge and understanding of how things work, and the right way to accomplish them. Through counseling, students can learn about the subject and what they must do to reach their objectives.

Students travel abroad

How Can We Help?

Sangen Edu provides the students with key recommendations that are suitable for them to pursue higher education once they have learned everything through counseling and advises them on their next steps.

This enables a seamless and uncomplicated procedure for students to travel overseas, allowing them to enjoy the experience and make the most out of their opportunity. Some of the bigger topics we discuss:

  • Which country would they like to study in
  • What disciplines do they wish to study
  • Whether they want to receive a scholarship or not
  • What type of visa do they seek, and so on

Student Housing & Accommodation Assistance in Abroad

Student Housing Accommodation

For students deciding to study overseas, it might be difficult to find a place to stay in the beginning. Sangen Edu Ltd. aims to eliminate this problem and take away the headache that many have for accommodation. We assist in finding housing solutions and ease your stress for the initial stages of your study plan abroad.

We provide housing for Bangladeshi students in the UK, Canada, Australia, USA, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, South Africa, Cyprus, Romania, and more.

Housing options:

  • On-Campus Accommodation or Dorms
  • Off-Campus Living
  • Rental Apartment

We also assist with locating exciting dining places near the campus or within your living vicinity that serve halal food. Our team does everything possible to ensure you have an outstanding study experience abroad.

Scholarship Opportunities in for Bangladeshi Students

Scholarship Opportunities in Abroad for Bangladeshi Students

Many students dream of studying at their desired university but are often faced with an obstacle because of their financial state. Hence, some students have to depend on scholarships to afford their tuition fees. However, it becomes difficult to find which scholarships they can apply for. This is why, Sangen Edu Ltd. lists eligible scholarships that you can apply for the university you choose, in the country of your choice.

Applying for Scholarship

Required Documents for Applying for Scholarship

Applying for scholarships is identical for almost all educational firms abroad. You will need:

  • Fully completed scholarship application form
  • Copies of all transcripts/diplomas
  • Statement of purpose
  • Two recommendation letter
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae)/Resume
  • Standardized test scores
  • Copy of passport/ID
  • An Essay
  • Portfolio
  • Parents' financial information
  • A medical report

Kickstart Your Career in Art & Design Abroad from Bangladesh

Sangen Edu Ltd. opens admission opportunities to world-class universities across the globe. With our expert counseling and guidance, you will be able to choose the right university to build your future self and profession. Additionally, we also help with visa processing. 

If you are interested in studying art & design for your higher studies abroad then call us at to book an appointment today!