Study Language & Culture Abroad from Bangladesh
Study Language & Culture Abroad from Bangladesh

Study Language & Culture Abroad from Bangladesh

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to broaden your social, academic, and language skills while also adding a new dimension to your university experience. Studying abroad will give you a competitive edge when looking for a job, as recruiters look for people who have actively sought out different ways to gain more experience.

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We collaborate with 300+ universities in the UK, China, the USA, Canada, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Cyprus, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Romania, and other European and Asian countries. If you want to discuss anything with us about studying abroad, simply call +880-1615-000125.

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Why Should You Study Language & Culture Abroad

Why Should You Consider Study Language & Culture Abroad?

If you study language and culture will develop traits like tolerance, imagination, mental flexibility, good memory, open-mindedness, and a passion for travel. Learning a new language is a great opportunity to challenge your intellect, broaden your perspective and meet intriguing individuals from all over the world. This degree can open doors to interesting career paths for you if you want to interact with people from many different cultural backgrounds. By studying abroad you can get the following opportunities_

  • To get access to quality education
  • Pursue professional objectives
  • To improve my own development
  • To take part in a different way of life or culture
  • To make new friends or to make connections for a career
  • To acquire knowledge of a new language and culture
  • To experience adventure
  • Possibilities for scholarships
  • Ensure a secure learning environment
  • Opportunities for employment
  • To become a permanent resident
Study Option & Cost

Study Option & Cost


Language and Culture bachelor's degrees take 4 years. In the first year, the degree would teach culture and language basics. The general coursework comprises :

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Fundamentals of Speech and Linguistics
  • Music Appreciation
  • Global Literature
  • Human Nature and Values
  • World Regional Geography
  • Transcultural Digital Literacies
  • Global Health and Nutrition
  • Composition and History of Foreign Languages, and
  • Grammatical Analysis

The tuition for this course in the UK is approximately $30,000 per year for students coming from other countries.

Master’s degree


The master's degree takes 2 years. Students concentrate on one subject and write a thesis at this level. Core courses include__

  • Foreign Language Morphology and Phonetics
  • Syntax and Semantics of Language
  • Ancient Language Literature
  • Socio-Linguistics
  • Culture, and Society of China, Japan, East Africa, South Asia, Britain, and the Middle East.

The tuition for this degree program in the United States is approximately $30,000 per year for international students.

Research-based Ph.D. programs

Research/ PhD

Research-based Ph.D. programs last 3–5 years and end with a dissertation. Students can specialize in Applied Linguistics, French, German, Spanish, or Trans-Cultural Studies. The specialization in Trans-Cultural Studies examines the complexity and interplay of modern cultures in the linguistic and geographical areas researched by linguistics, languages, and culture faculty. International students in the UK pay approximately $23,700 per year for this degree.

Necessary Documents to Study Abroad

Necessary Documents to Study Abroad

Each student applying for enrollment is responsible for submitting the necessary paperwork. Tests that must be taken, academic records that must be submitted in, English proficiency test results, and many other things are frequently on this list.

Here is a list of everything a student must always have with them:

  • Transcripts
  • Passport
  • Documentation of test results, such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, etc
  • Academic gap letter/experience letter
  • Resume
  • LOR
  • Essays or a Statement of Purpose
  • Paperwork for a transfer
  • Documentation of finances per the institution's specifications
  • Paperwork for a visa 

Brighten Your Future by Studying Abroad

Students who graduate from any of the world's universities or colleges with a background in language and culture have an incredible breadth of employment options at their hands. Local and international students receive a job offer as a graduation gift from the university upon completion of language and culture studies.

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