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Language & Culture

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Course Outline

Learning about different cultures helps us approach languages with new insight. It allows us to delve deeper into the meaning of words and expressions and helps us feel more connected to each other.

Culture is essential to learning a language well enough to communicate with natives. In fact, most universities and even high schools invest in exchange programs to allow students to learn languages in the right environments.

Why Language & Culture Studies?

On a practical level, language has to do with sounds, symbols and gestures that a community puts in order and associates so that they can communicate.

Relationship Between Language and Culture

  • What is language and culture?
  • Role of language in culture
  • What comes first language or culture?
  • How does language affect culture and society?
  • Does language define culture?
  • Why culture is important in language learning?
  • How do you teach language and culture?
  • Why is it important to know other languages & cultures?

What topics will you cover?

  • The relationship between language, nation and cultural identity.
  • The way in which language shapes how we think. The extent to which language might limit and shape what we are able to articulate and think.
  • The challenges faced by translators when trying to make concepts understandable for audiences with different cultural reference points and backgrounds.
  • How politeness is distinct to a culture, and the ways in which language is used to reinforce ideas of politeness.
  • How languages can reinforce cultural identity, and the challenges of retaining that identity in the face of language loss and endangerment.


Module content will include:
Module content will include:
Module content will include:

Module content will include:
Module content will include:
Module content will include:

Careers in Language & Culture

Scholarship & Fundings

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