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McGill University

McGill University | Admission, Visa Processing, Courses, Fees from Bangladesh

Studying in Canada requires careful planning, but it can be a wise decision. If you're considering pursuing education in Canada from Bangladesh with a scholarship, you can choose McGill University in Montreal, Canada. It can be an excellent option.

McGill University is highly regarded for its research and innovation, making it a renowned institution focused on academic excellence.

McGill University Overview

Overview of the McGill University, Montreal

McGill University in Montreal is renowned for its significant contributions to higher education in Canada. It stands out as one of the premier educational institutions in the country. Currently, McGill hosts a diverse student body of over 30,000+ students pursuing various degrees, including undergraduate, post-graduate, and PhD programs.

Students come to study here from more than 160 countries. Around 10,000+ international students are completing their higher studies at McGill University. This university has gained recognition for its cultural acceptance, artistic impression, and innovative creation, making it a top choice for Bangladeshi students who are looking for higher education in Canada.

Reasons to Study at McGill University

McGill University in Montreal offers several compelling reasons that make it a top choice for students from Bangladesh, here are some reasons-

  • McGill University ranked 2nd in Canada after the University of Toronto and also ranked 30th in the QS World University ranking.
  • Over 3,800+ international and domestic academic staff support and 10,500+ international students make their enrolment from more than 160 countries worldwide.
  • The university started its journey in 1821 as McGill College. It is the second oldest university in Canada.
  • McGill University started its journey to provide higher studies, man-woman equality, and cultural diversity while providing the best educational facilities in Montreal.
  • McGill University is located in the largest city of Montreal in Quebec province.
  • Students at McGill University in Montreal have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of cultural activities on campus, including theater, film, comedy, sports, and public museums.
  • More than 250 clubs, 3 sports fields, and a 12,900 sq. ft. space gymnasium are available on the campus.
  • Students can choose their major subjects from various subjects.
  • McGill counts among its alumni and faculty 12 Nobel laureates as well as 5 astronauts. The current prime minister Justin Trudeau, two former prime ministers of Canada, and 15 justices of the Canadian Supreme Court.
McGill University

History of McGill University

McGill University is the second oldest university in Canada. It has a history of 203 years.

  • McGill College started its journey as McGill University in 1821.
  • In 1833 the Faculty of Medicine granted its first Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery.
  • In 1848 the Faculty of Law was founded.
  • McGill School of Architecture was founded in 1890.

Campus Information

McGill University has 2 main campuses. The downtown campus is situated in downtown Montreal near Mount Royal. Macdonald campus of McGill University is located in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue 30 kilometers away west of the main campus on Montreal Island.

Accommodation Facilities

Montreal is the capital of Quebec province. Montreal City is one of the most sustainable and planned cities in the world with every possible facility available here. This is the main economic area of the Quebec province.

Approximately 3,100 undergraduate students and some graduate students can get a seat in the campus hall. Staying in the center of the campus is expensive, that's why we suggest students try to stay in the hall.

McGill University Facilities

Scholarships for International Students

  • McGill University offers different types of scholarships for students. These scholarships are dependent on different skills, extracurricular activities, and research subjects.
  • Students can get up to 5,000 CAD-10,000 CAD academic scholarships per annum.
  • Students can also get an accommodation scholarship.

Ranking of McGill University

McGill University is ranked 2nd in Canada. In the QS World University Rankings 2024, McGill University ranked 30th.

In the QS Sustainability ranking by subject, McGill University has ranked 30th. As per the Impact (overall) Ranking of 2024, McGill University scored 83.7 out of 100.

Why choose McGill University?

McGill University is internationally acclaimed for its substantial academic contributions to scientific innovation. This university situated in the city of Montreal, Quebec province, stands as one of the prime choices for Bangladeshi students seeking education in Canada. The area of McGill University is further enhanced by its prime location, providing a multicultural experience and a luxurious lifestyle.

Sangen Student Support

How does SANGEN help students?

SANGEN is helping students with accurate information, paperwork, and communication, the application process that will increase the chances of acceptance. We will help you to find the course that you are looking for (academic qualifications must be met).

  • Experienced consultants guide the visa processing, including scheduling appointments, filling out forms, and submitting documents.
  • Training is available for visa interviews as needed.
  • Comprehensive support is offered, from document preparation to enrollment in the preferred institution.
  • Assistance is provided in obtaining scholarships.
  • Emphasis is placed on managing what is within control and refraining from making promises beyond capabilities.
  • Arrangements for air tickets, accommodation, and travel logistics are managed.
  • Aid is provided in preparing an appropriate bank statement covering the last three months.

Faculty of McGill University

McGill University offers various courses that mainly focus on invention and scientific research. McGill University has different faculty and courses-

  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Politics and law
  • Health Sciences
  • Business and economics
  • Pure and applied sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Math, computing, and technology

Tuition Fees of McGill University

  • Undergraduate courses (Bachelor's degree): 35,000 CAD - 40,000 CAD/year.
  • Postgraduate courses ( M.Phil., Masters, Ph.D., etc. ): 40,000+ CAD per year.

For accurate information talk to our consultant.

Applying Requirements

Meeting the requirement of completing the application form and submitting the necessary documents are essential steps that students must take when applying to McGill University:

  • IELTS: Students must score at least 6 in the academic International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  • GMAT: Students have to score 650+ in the GMAT exam(For Masters only).
  • TOEFL: Total score of at least 86+ and the minimum English language proficiency standards that applicants need to meet to be eligible for admission.

Apply through SANGEN, and apply directly to the university without any hassle.

Common Questions

The admission fee varies for different times and subjects. The undergraduate program for international students takes about 35,000 CAD - 40,000 CAD/year.
McGill University ranked 30th QS World University Rankings of 2024. McGill University is ranked 2nd among all the universities in Canada.
McGill University in Canada states that students need a minimum GPA of 3.7 to enhance their chances of admission. The GPA standard set by McGill University is much higher than the requirements of any other Canadian university.
Getting into McGill University is competitive because there are limited spots in each program. They calculate a selection rank for each applicant based on their academic qualifications and any relevant adjustment factors.