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University of the West of Scotland - One of the top Public Universities in UK

History Origin

The University of West Scotland has an enriched history of potent. Firstly, the University of the West of Scotland originated from the Paisley College of Technology. In 1992, the institution achieved the university status University of Paisley and in 2007, the university was renamed as the University of the West of Scotland merged with Bell College.

The reasons to go for UWS

  • The university offers English language support for those who do not understand English very well.
  • The campuses are technically advanced and have modern facilities.
  • The green environment will help to revive your mind.
  • Here are different student associations regarding different cultures, religions, courses, and hobbies.
  • To refresh students’ minds, the UWS has clubs and they organize many indoor and outdoor games and sports.
  • The UWS has a team to help councils and make decisions.
  • Extra support for disabled and physically impaired students.
  • ISAs team helps overseas students who come for the first time in the United Kingdom.

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Why Study at University of the West of Scotland

The university has five elegant and modern campuses. ARY campus, Lanarkshire campus, Dumfries, Paisley campus, and London campus.

AYR campus was founded in 1993 and was run by the University of Paisley. A new campus was established in 2011 after being renamed the University of the West of Scotland. AYR campus design is unique and aesthetic. The structure of the new campus is mostly influenced by the natural environment. Therefore, the campus is not only modern but also environment-friendly at the same time.

Lanarkshire campus is situated at Hamilton International Technology Park which is one of the most successful business parks of Scotland. This campus where 100% renewable energy is one of the greenest campuses in the United Kingdom. Besides, the campus has a wide range of WiFi that would help you be updated and connected with the world.

Dumfries campus is situated at Crichton estate in an 85-acre woodland estate. Though this Dumfries campus is the smallest campus among the five-campus of UWS, it has four UWS academic schools. To implement education, the campus provides full-time and part-time study opportunities.

Paisley campus is located at the centre of paisley which is the largest city in Scotland. This campus is a place for 10,000 students and a union of modern technology and heritage that inspires those students effectively to be more active and lively.

London campus is situated in Dockland, which was formerly the largest port in the world. The London campus is the new campus of UWS.

Most international universities have an accommodation system and have common facilities though all universities do not offer the same advantages. In the same way, the University of West Scotland also has lots of facilities for their students.

The university accommodation would be a great place to meet new people and live with different kinds of people. This experience also would help you to cope with different situations. However, the accommodation has free wifi to keep you connected with the rest of the world. Furthermore, laundry and a decorated kitchen with the necessary products are available in the accommodation halls.

If you want to purchase residential goods, you can easily get them from the university partner company online. Obviously, you can buy from anywhere. The reason to mention that is if you purchase from them, they will offer you a good discount and will deliver your products to your residence.

The university offers various scholarships and fundings on different criteria. Those students who have proved their talent, quality, and achievement are eligible for the scholarships. Besides, the students from Commonwealth countries are preferable for the scholarships. Apart from that, the university has charity and trust funding that helps students with tuition fees and living costs.

In collaboration with Scottish universities, the Scottish Government offers Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships that is a programme of international scholarships. The value of the most popular scholarships is £8000 and these are offered for 1-year full-time postgraduate master's degrees, in particular, You five subject areas

  • science.
  • technology.
  • creative industries.
  • healthcare and medical sciences.
  • renewable and clean energy.

Every year university ranking is published based on a few specific criteria to show their position nationally and worldwide.

The Guardian shows that the national ranking of the UWS is 114 and the Sunday Times expresses that the position is 92. According to World University Rankings by Times Higher Education globally the university position is #501.

Concentrating on study must rely on the surrounding environment of a student. Students like from Bangladesh never have enough idea about overseeing culture where they want to go to attain higher education. That’s why every year at the University of the West of Scotland, they welcome hundreds of international students into UWS’s vibrant and diverse academic community. They embrace everything that can help International students to prepare for life at UWS as well as supporting them during their studies.

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