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University of Southampton | Courses, Fees, Admission, Visa Process from Bangladesh

If you are interested in studying in the UK from Bangladesh with a scholarship you can choose a top-ranked university in the UK. Before choosing a university you must analyze all the possible options and make a smart plan. The University of Southampton is among the best universities in the United Kingdom. The University is renowned for its research and invention. The University of Southampton is renowned as a research-intensive educational institution.

Overview of the University of Southampton, UK

The University of Southampton is famous for its contribution to higher education and research in the UK. This is one of the best educational institutions in the United Kingdom. At present, nearly 23,000+ students are studying for their graduate, post-graduate, PhD, etc. degrees.

Nearly 10,000 students from more than 130+ countries are completing their higher studies. The University of Southampton is famous for its cultural acceptance, business ideas, and research-intensive mentality. The University of Southampton is one of the most popular educational institutions for Bangladeshi students.

Research Based University

Why Study at the University of Southampton?

The University of Southampton has many reasons to choose it as a first choice. Some of the reasons that made this university the ultimate goal for students from Bangladesh-

  • Over 2,400+ academic and professional staff support and on average 10,000+ international students from over 130 countries worldwide.
  • It is a research-based university focusing on innovation and business ideas while providing the best educational facilities in the United Kingdom.
  • More than 300+ sports and activities are available on the campus.
  • You can find available sports clubs and 249 societies. You can join a voluntary club and work for the local community.
  • The University of Southampton Science Park has approximately 50 businesses connected to the university.

University Ranking

The University of Southampton ranked 12th in the United Kingdom and holds a position of 81st in the QS World University ranking.

University of Southampton Rate

History of the University of Southampton

The University of Southampton started its journey as the Hartley Institution. Some of the historical events of Southampton University -

Year Events
1862 It started its journey as the Hartley Institution
1983 The Hartley Institute became the Hartley College
1902 The Hartley College became the Hartley University College
1913 Established as Southampton University College
1952 Gained university status by Royal charter

Campus Information

The university has six educational campuses – five in Southampton city, and one in Winchester. There is an international branch of Southampton University located in Malaysia. Take a look at the campus's short overview-

Highfield Campus

Opened on 20 June 1914. The site was a military hospital during World War I

Avenue Campus

Started officially in 1996. Home of the Faculty of Humanities.

Boldrewood Campus

Also known as the innovation campus. This is the home of Biological Sciences and Medicine.

National Oceanography Centre

Also famous as the Waterfront Campus. The campus is home to the university's Ocean and Earth Sciences department.

University Hospital Southampton (UHS)

This is the Faculty of Health Sciences. This campus is both used as a hospital and research center.

Winchester School of Art

Located in the city of central Winchester. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is established on this campus.

University of Southampton Faculties


The University of Southampton offers various courses that mainly focus on innovation and scientific research. Southampton University has 5 faculty -

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

Accommodation Facilities

The accommodation facilities of Southampton University are very good. Let's see some of the benefits of university accommodation-

  • Easy Accessible : Every University of Southampton-owned hall of residence has 24/7 reception and security
  • Perfect location & Easy travel : Halls are located close to campuses and the city center. Free access to the Southampton Unilink bus network.
  • Available Room : Accommodation for first-year and international students. We always suggest students take seats in the university residence to save money on rent, food, outdoor activities, etc. Sangencan help you to find a seat in the university hall.
Tuition Fees of Southampton University

Tuition Fees of Southampton University

Tuition Fees vary from time to time. For accurate information talk to our consultant.

  • Undergraduate courses (Bachelor's degree): 25,000£-30,000£/year.
  • Postgraduate courses (M.Phil., Masters, Ph.D., etc.): 35,000£+ per year.

Scholarships for International Students

The University of Southampton offers different types of scholarships for students. These scholarships are dependent on a different condition and subject.

  • Students can get up to 10,000£ academic scholarship.
  • Accommodation scholarships are available for international students.

For more information click here.

Applying Requirements

Discover the requirements of Southampton University. Apply through SANGEN, and apply directly to the university without any hustle.

  • IELTS: Students must score at least 6+ in the academic International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  • TOEFL: total score of at least 81+ and the minimum English language proficiency standards that applicants need to meet to be eligible for admission.

How does SANGEN help students?

SANGEN is helping students with accurate information, paperwork, and communication, the application process that will increase the chances of acceptance. We will help you to find the course that you are looking for (academic qualifications must be met).

Visa Processing
  • Our expert consultants offer guidance throughout the visa processing journey, including appointment scheduling, form filling, and document submission.
  • We provide tailored training for visa interviews when needed.
  • Receive comprehensive assistance, from document preparation to enrollment in your desired institution.
  • Let us support you in securing scholarships for your education.
  • We focus on what we can control, avoiding promises beyond our capabilities.
  • We take care of arranging air tickets, accommodation, and travel arrangements.
  • Receive assistance in preparing a suitable bank statement covering the last 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

The University of Southampton is renowned for its strong programs in engineering, oceanography, medicine, and business. Its Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences consistently ranks among the top in the UK.
The university is globally recognized for its research excellence, particularly in areas such as health sciences, environmental sciences, and computer science. With numerous research centers and institutes, students have opportunities to engage in research projects alongside leading academics.
Student life at Southampton is vibrant and diverse, with a wide range of clubs, societies, and events catering to various interests. The university's campuses offer modern facilities, including sports centers, libraries, and student accommodations.
The university provides comprehensive support services to ensure student success and well-being. This includes academic support through tutoring and study skills workshops, career guidance and employability workshops, as well as mental health and counseling services. Additionally, there are dedicated international student support teams to assist with any specific needs or concerns.