University of Reading
University of Reading

Study at the University of Reading from Bangladesh

The University of Reading in England is a prestigious university known for its outstanding teaching and research. Located in the attractive city of Reading, it offers a wide range of programs in fields such as arts, sciences, and business. The abundant green campus provides a conducive environment for learning. With a diverse student body from over 150 countries, it offers a rich cultural experience. The university is renowned for its academic excellence and research contributions, making it a top choice for Bangladeshi students seeking quality higher education abroad.

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Study at the University of Reading from Bangladesh

Historical importance of the University of Reading, Berkshire, UK

The University of Reading in Berkshire, UK, has a rich historical significance and a prominent place in the scholarly environment. Here are some key points detailing its historical importance:

  • Origins: Established in 1892 as an extension college of Christ Church, Oxford.
  • Royal charter: Became an independent university in 1926 with the granting of a Royal Charter.
  • Research excellence: Renowned for its research in agriculture, meteorology, and environmental science.
  • Specialized departments: Home to the prestigious Department of Typography and Graphic Communication and the Walker Institute for Climate System Research.
  • Henley business school: Acquired in 2008, it's one of the oldest and most respected business schools in the UK.
  • Public engagement: Active in the local community with public lectures and cultural events.
  • Economic influence: Major employer in the area, contributing significantly to local economic growth.
  • Special collections: Holds the world's largest collection of materials related to Samuel Beckett.
  • Prominent alumni: Produced influential figures in various fields, enhancing its academic prestige.

QS World University ranking of the University of Reading

Quacquarelli Symonds is a higher education analytics firm. This firm ranks universities based on several categories. Below are the University of Reading positions based on these categories:

Global recognition

The University of Reading typically ranks within the top 200 to 250 universities globally in the QS World University Rankings. This placement highlights its strong international reputation and academic quality.

Subject-specific rankings

Reading excels in several specific fields. For example, its programs in Agriculture and Forestry, Environmental Sciences, and Education often receive particularly high rankings.

QS World ranking of the University of Reading

Research impact

The university’s research output and impact are significant factors in its QS ranking. It is renowned for research in climate science, agriculture, and typography, among other areas.

Faculty and student ratio

A favorable faculty-to-student ratio enhances personalized learning and is a contributing factor to its QS ranking.

International faculty and students

The University of Reading attracts a diverse international community, contributing to its global outlook and cultural diversity, which are key indicators in the QS rankings.

Notable alumni of the University Reading

The University of Reading, located in Berkshire, England, showcases a range of notable alumni across various fields. Here are a few:

  • George Miller: A prominent psychologist known for his work in cognitive psychology and cognitive science. Miller is famous for his theory of cognitive load and his contributions to psycholinguistics.
  • Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge, known for her philanthropic work and her role in the British royal family. Middleton graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Art History.
  • Vince Cable: A British politician who served as the leader of the Liberal Democrats from 2017 to 2019. Cable has had a long career in politics, including serving as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.
  • Chris Gunter: A professional footballer who has represented the Welsh national team and played for various clubs in the English Football League. Gunter is one of the most capped players in the history of the Welsh national team.
  • Michael Morpurgo: A renowned author, best known for his children's books, including "War Horse," which was adapted into a successful stage play and film. Morpurgo is a former Children's Laureate of the United Kingdom.
Graduate programs at the University of Reading

Graduate programs at the University of Reading

If you're thinking about taking your studies to the next level, the University of Reading has got you covered with some fantastic graduate programs! From arts and sciences to business and humanities, there's something for everyone. You'll be learning from first-rate professors and researchers in a super supportive environment. Plus, the university has some awesome connections with industries and partners worldwide, setting you up for success once you graduate. Ready to dive into the world of higher education? The University of Reading is waiting for you!

Undergraduate programs at the University of Reading

Future scholars! Ever wondered where your academic journey might take you? Well, the University of Reading is here to help you find out! Our graduate programs cover a wide range of subjects, from arts and sciences to business and beyond. Picture yourself studying in a vibrant campus community, surrounded by passionate professors who help you succeed. Did we mention the amazing opportunities for hands-on learning and real-world experience? Whether you're dreaming of becoming the next big entrepreneur or unlocking the mysteries of the universe, there's a place for you here in Reading. So what are you waiting for? Start your study adventure today!

Scholarships opportunity at the University of Reading

Scholarships opportunity for international students at the University of Reading

The University of Reading offers various scholarships and funding opportunities for international students to support their academic journey. Check out these available scholarships:

  • Global Scholarship
  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarships
  • Santander Scholarships
  • Country-specific Scholarships
  • Faculty-specific Scholarships

Tuition fees at the University of Reading for international students

Tuition fees of this university for international students vary depending on the level of study and the program chosen. Generally, undergraduate programs have different fee structures compared to postgraduate programs. Additionally, fees may vary depending on the specific course or program of study.

It's important to note that tuition fees may be subject to annual increases, so students should check the university's official website for the most up-to-date information.

International student accommodation at the University of Reading

The University of Reading offers both on-campus and off-campus accommodation options. On-campus residences provide convenient access to campus facilities, academic support, and social activities. These residences offer a variety of room types, including single rooms, shared rooms, and studio apartments, with amenities such as common rooms, laundry facilities, and Wi-Fi.

Off-campus accommodation, often managed by private landlords or accommodation providers, offers additional flexibility and independence. The university's accommodation services can assist students in finding suitable off-campus housing options, ensuring a smooth transition to living in Reading.

Eligibility criteria at the University of Reading for international students

The eligibility criteria for international students at the University of Reading may vary depending on the specific program of study. However, some common requirements include:

  • Academic qualifications: International students must hold qualifications equivalent to the UK's General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) for undergraduate programs and a bachelor's degree or equivalent for postgraduate programs.
  • English language proficiency: Proficiency in English is essential, typically demonstrated through recognized tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or Pearson PTE Academic.
  • Program-specific requirements: Some programs may have additional prerequisites, such as prerequisite courses, portfolios, or relevant work experience.
  • Visa requirements: International students must fulfill UK visa requirements, including obtaining a Tier 4 student visa and meeting financial and immigration criteria.
  • Application process: Applicants must complete the university's online application, providing academic transcripts, English language test scores, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation.
Application procedure at the University of Reading

Application procedure for Bangladeshi students at the University of Reading

For Bangladeshi students applying to the University of Reading, the application procedure typically involves the following steps:

  • Research & choose a program
  • Check eligibility
  • Prepare documents
  • Submit application
  • Pay application fee
  • Await response
  • Receive offer
  • Accept offer
  • Apply for visa
  • Prepare for arrival

Ways Sangen Edu Ltd can support you

We will assist you with all the support and advice you need for your higher education abroad. Our services are mentioned below. Take a look-

Frequently asked questions and answers

The University of Reading offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various fields such as Business, Agriculture, Environmental Science, Law, Computer Science, and more. Specific programs can be found on the university's official website.
  • Undergraduate: Typically, Bangladeshi students need to have completed their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) with good grades. They may also need to undertake a foundation year if their qualifications do not meet the direct entry requirements.
  • Postgraduate: A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a good GPA. Specific entry requirements vary by program.
Yes, international students must demonstrate proficiency in English. This is usually through IELTS, with typical requirements being an overall score of 6.5 with no band less than 5.5, although this can vary by program. Other accepted tests include TOEFL and Pearson PTE.
The University of Reading offers various scholarships for international students. Bangladeshi students can apply for the International Excellence Scholarship, GREAT Scholarships, and program-specific scholarships. Detailed information on scholarships is available on the university’s scholarship page.
  • Applications for undergraduate programs are typically made through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service).
  • For postgraduate programs, students can apply directly through the university’s online application portal.

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