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Nottingham Trent University

University Overview

If you are looking for a university in England that provides quality education and is situated in a city that offers ample part-time job opportunities, Nottingham Trent University is a vital option. It is located in Nottingham, about a two-hour train ride from London.

Nottingham Trent is substantially popular among international students; at present, the number is 4,000. Apart from higher excellence in academics and facilities, the city residents’ friendly behavior toward foreign students is a vital reason for such popularity. In addition, local businesses are always happy to employ foreign students’ assistance in their daily operations.

Shortly, you won't be disappointed by enrolling at this university.

Why Should You Choose Nottingham Trent University?

Basic Reasons

We always try to suggest to Bangladeshi students a university that is excellent in every category (not just academics). Also, we vitally check the respective city or town characteristics in terms of friendliness, part-time job availability, local transport, etc.

In this process, we’ve checked with our previous students who are now studying (or have graduated) at this university and would like to point out some practical facts.

Our Highly Experienced Faculty Members
  • Faculty members are highly experienced and friendly to non-natives.
  • Graduates eventually get a job through the placement program during the graduation process. It ensures you live in the UK even after finishing your study.
  • All the academic materials, processes, and tools are integrated with respective and current industry trends. It allows you to gain updated knowledge and skills, theoretically and practically.
  • The university supports practicing diversification and trains the students to have enhanced adaptability and a broader mindset. You cannot deny the need for such for your career growth in this contemporary competitive endeavor.
  • Nottingham is highly suitable for international students; it is green, calm, and has a cool nightlife.
  • The campus is just two hours by train from London.
  • The university’s international student office and career advisers are very active, and their support has proven effective.
Historical Significance of Nottingham Trent University

Historical Significance

Nottingham Trent University has come a long way toward achieving excellence in educating students.

  • Its journey began in 1843 as the Nottingham Government School of Design.
  • In 1970, three Nottingham-based educational institutes merged and formed Trent Polytechnic.
  • There was another merger in 1975. Here, Trent Polytechnic and Nottingham College of Education started to march together under the name of Nottingham Polytechnic.
  • In 1992, after the passing of the Further and Higher Education Act of 1992, this polytechnic received university status.
The City Campus of Nottingham Trent University

Elegant Campus

Nottingham Trent University has five stunning campuses. The City Campus is the main functional unit of the university, while the other four (Mansfield, Clifton, Confetti, and Brackenhurst) also do not fall behind. Below are some crucial facts.

  • Campuses literally showcase an integrative context of modern and classical architecture.
  • Campus buildings are equipped with every sort of modern facility and amenity, like a 3D painting studio, a pet unit, an animation unit, high-profile laboratories, speedy internet, etc.
  • Campuses are clean and green, offering a healthy environment.
  • The university’s campuses are happening places; every day here is full of excitement.
  • Some academic buildings are so big that you might get lost in those corridors.
  • Every campus is equipped with a library.

Student Accommodation

Living in Nottingham Trent’s on-campus housing is always advantageous. However, university lodging can increase your overall living costs (from £1,339 to £1,443 per month). You can restrict your monthly living expenses by £500 to £1,000 by staying in a slightly remote place (room sharing and home cooking).

Living in Nottingham Trent’s Campus Housing

Still, you should check the university's offered accommodations; you might get an affordable one. Below are some facts about Trent’s lodgings.

  • Monthly rent ranges from £400 to £950 depending on the type of accommodation, and there is a £200 deposit required.
  • Halls are equipped with modern facilities that offer a healthy and peaceful environment.
  • It offers several lodging options: shared room, private room, shared bathroom, attached bathroom, studio apartment, whole apartment, etc.
  • The rental agreements are very flexible; you can cancel them with short notice (21 days earlier).
  • Living in one of the university-offered accommodations allows you to learn new skills while having a greater chance of making new friends of various nationalities.
  • Lodging comes with all the essential facilities like internet, laundry, card-lock facilities, dining facilities, etc.
  • Accommodations are located near academic buildings.
Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships for International Students

Nottingham Trent offers scholarships under three programs; the details are listed below.

  • NTU Excellence Scholarships: Competitive, covering 25%–50% of the tuition fees, applicable for undergraduate and postgraduate study.
  • International Scholarships: £3,000 reduction on tuition fees.
  • Regional Scholarships: 50% of the tuition fees, eventually valued at £4,000. You should apply through the British Council.
  • Amazingly, it offers a 25% reduction in tuition fees for Bangladeshi students.


In the QS World University Rankings of 2023, it has been placed at 801. As per The Times, Nottingham Trent University ranked 42 (in the UK) as an international education facility in 2023. As per the Guardian, Nottingham Trent secured the 41st spot in 2023.

Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students

Nottingham Trent is always a favorite destination for Bangladeshi students due to its location (friendly residents, tons of part-time jobs, clean surroundings, comparatively good weather, etc.), lower tuition fees, and high-quality academic solutions. Professionals at SANGEN have successfully assisted hundreds of students to enroll at this university with a high visa success rate.

The following are some opportunities to which you are entitled.

Get Admission in Your Desired Course
  • Guaranteed acceptance (academic qualifications must be met) in your desired course.
  • You will get expert guidance in Visa processing. We work closely with VFS Global and handle appointment scheduling, form filling, document organization, etc. on your behalf. In addition, we provide training before the visa interview (if any).
  • More than 90% of our students get a scholarship.
  • SANGEN assists you in every step, from document collection to make sure you reach your room at Nottingham.
  • We are committed and dedicated, and we always promise what we can keep.
  • We also analyze your budget and find suitable lodging and airlines.
  • We assist you in coming up with an appropriate bank solvency certificate (which actually works).

Reach out to us by calling (+88-01615-000125) or by filling out the contact form.

Courses At Nottingham Trent University

Courses and Tuition Fees

At Nottingham Trent, you have plenty of choices in the case of course (above 250) and academic subject area selection. From bachelor to Ph.D., their coverage includes business, law, science, the arts, media, animation, engineering, etc.

  • Foundation course: £14,220–£16,220/year.
  • Undergraduate courses (bachelor's degree): £16,500–£17,200/year.
  • Postgraduate courses (M.Phil., Masters, M.Sc., Ph.D., etc.): £16,500–£17,200/year.
  • Research: £12,700–£17,200/year.

Application Process

To apply to a course at Nottingham Trent University, SANGEN’s assistance can help you in enormous ways. Here, we have listed some crucial information regarding the application to this university’s courses.

Application Process
  • The university has two intakes: January and September.
  • Apply through SANGEN, apply directly to the university, or use the UCAS interface to apply.
  • In all cases, you have to fill out the application form and attach the required documents (reference letters, an IELTS certificate, academic certificates and transcriptions, a passport copy, previous travel history to the UK, a letter of motivation or personal statement, etc.).
  • You will receive feedback within 5–10 days.
  • You can check your application status at any time by contacting UCAS, the university, or SANGEN.
  • A £3,000 tuition fee deposit is required to acknowledge the acceptance.
  • There is an application fee of £20–£25.

Please note that not all courses are offered in both sessions. So, to enroll in your desired subject, we suggest you check in advance with SANGEN.

Some Common Questions

Yes. It offers scholarships to international students on a competitive basis. In general, the scholarship amount is 25%–50% of the tuition fees.

Certainly, it is. It is always a highly desired destination for Bangladeshi students. The quality of education is very high, and its certification is globally accepted. In addition, the city is highly suitable for international students.

Yes, the security deposit amount is £3,000, and there is an application fee of £20–£25.