Study in Germany
Study in Germany

Study in Germany without IELTS Student Visa Requirements from Bangladesh with Scholarships

In the modern education system; Germany is the 4th most popular objective for higher education in the world. A big part of the students at German universities at this time comes from Bangladesh and all over the world - Germany is a smart place to career Combining high-quality education and standard living with a unique cultural experience. German university degrees are worldwide recognized and highly respected for dignity and honorable career.

These are some special reasons why Bangladeshi students try to find opportunities to study in Germany

  • Hygienic and quality lifestyle
  • Internationally recognized certification
  • Great scope for exploring and research
  • Much more career opportunity in Bangladesh and international perspective
  • Study opportunities in the world top-ranked universities
  • Great opportunity to travel the whole of Europe on a student visa (EU listed country)
  • Available scholarship facilities
  • Work- opportunities within the study period
  • Modern and beautiful campus and classroom

Available Diploma Courses & Higher Education

In Germany; more than 100 universities offer a wide range of courses and subjects for undergraduate, graduate, masters, and postgraduate (M Phil & Ph.D.) degrees in commerce, science, and the humanities. There are also several special academic grounds - such as health & medicine, agriculture, applied - science, engineering, fine- arts and vocational education, etc.

Why choose Germany as your study destination

  1. You want to study in Germany for its world-class technical institutions and also some very good medical, Engineering and another institutional school as well.
  2. If you want to study in Germany, you’ll be glad to know that public universities do not charge tuition fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.
    Higher education in Germany is generally funded by the state and as such, it is exactly free of charge for domestic and international students.

  3. Examples of Tuition-free universities in Germany:
    • University of Stuttgart
    • University of Mannheim
    • University of Bremen
    • University of Cologne
    • University of Hamburg
  4. Comparatively lower blocked funds- The mandatory sum required by the embassy that must be deposited to the blocked bank account is less than the UK and other developed countries.
  5. Germany has considerable work chances for international students, exactly
    • You can work for up to 120 full working days up to 240 half working days
    • You will be permitted to work for up to 20 hours a week
    • And full-time during vacations.
  6. When it comes to living in Germany, housing is the highest monthly expense you will have. But Cheaper options for international students.
    • It is a safe country and the weather, though a bit cold is not as cold as it is in another Winter-dominated country so you will find the adjustment process easy.
  7. Once you have completed a master’s degree, have stayed in Germany for a few years, and have a job offer that matches your qualifications, you can choose whether you want to apply for a German residence authorization or an EU Blue Card for the next part of your stay.
    • As early as two years after receiving your German or EU Blue Card residence certification, you can apply for a permanent residence permit
    • Naturally after eight years of being a student and taxpayer, foreign immigrants are eligible to apply for German citizenship

The Ultimate Guide for Bangladeshi Students to Get Admission in Germany

After the achievement of higher secondary certification or graduation or post-graduation, students pursue scholarships and funding or opportunities to be enrolled in the world’s highest-ranked universities or institutions of Germany.

The academic year in Germany is split into two semesters –

Winter and summer.

The German academic year is generally split into a winter and a summer semester. A semester is a period of 6 months.

The winter semester: 1st October to 31st March.

The summer semester: 1st April to 30th September.

Maximum German universities apply for admission twice a year,

Usually, applications for the winter session need to be made by 15 July

And applications for the summer session by 15 January.

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