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University Overview

Yunnan University Overview

Yunnan University was established in December 1922, and classes began in April 1923. It began as a privately owned institution known as the "University of the Eastern Land," which was one of the first universities in China to be designated as "specially developed" by the central government. Yunnan University has also been named to the "China Western Development" program's list of significant national universities. Is a National Key University in the urban setting of Yunnan's largest metropolis. The University has achieved incredible things during the last eight decades or so.

The projects have won numerous honours for the university, additionally having significant practical values. It’s won various national awards, including the major prize for the National Science Award, the next prize for National Science and Technology Development, and consequently the third prize for National Higher Institutional Humanities and Social Sciences Wonderful Achievement, amongst others.


The university has just established a second campus at Chenggong, about a forty-five-minute bus or metro trip from its main campus, due to the limited ability to open out in the main centre.

Donglu Campus : This is NYU's old campus, which is located near Cuihu Lake in the city centre (Green Lake). It boasts a lot of historic buildings and a high social position.

Chenggong Campus : This is a second-new YNU campus in Kunming's University Town, which is part of the Chenggong district. This campus is substantially larger than its Green Lake complement, which will continue to be the focus of graduate education.

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Why to Study at Yunnan University

  • There are numerous fresh discoveries to be made.
  • University education approaches that are Excellent .
  • System of flexible learning.
  • Organizationally, you have a tremendous reputation.
  • You are welcome to come to realize for yourself.
  • Assisting international students.
  • Give courses and subjects that are relevant to a job.
  • Scholarship opportunities for international and Chinese students are available.
  • More than 100 courses are offered across the four schools.
  • China is a very friendly nation
  • Insurance opportunities for International students
Reasons to Study Yunnan University

Yunnan University, in particular, promises outstanding lecturers, healthy air, convenient entertainment, and residential amenities for international students.

The institution, with its multinational and diverse cultural atmosphere, is the ideal location for international students to learn the Chinese language and culture while also living a prestigious lifestyle.

Living style at Yunnan University

Yunnan University planned its faculties and schools there with rich institutions, subjects, research, and innovation centres.

More than 30 teaching departments and divisions offer 65 major subjects Yunnan University additionally features 16 research and development facilities, as well as 25 research institutes of study for undergraduates to attain baccalaureates

Yunnan University’s schools’ faculties

Academic success, financial basics, community pursuit, athletic ability, and instructor or firm references are among the application standards available. Each year, the University awards scholarships based on a distinct set of norms. International students including Bangladeshi students can apply for the following types of scholarship:

  • Scholarships from the Chinese Government.
  • Scholarship for Chinese Language Teachers from Around the World .
  • Scholarship from the Yunnan Provincial Government.
  • Full Scholarship at Yunnan University (including tuition and on-campus accommodation).
  • Partial Scholarship at Yunnan University (including 50 per cent tuition and on-campus accommodation).
Scholarship for international student
FAQ of Yunnan University

Yes, Yunnan University's Mentoring of International Students is a professional institution where international students can enrol to learn the Chinese language and culture. It is in charge of teaching Chinese to international students and assisting them also. As well as volunteer counselling for any type of newcomer issue.

University Entrance Examinations are obligatory for all students in the People's Republic of China. The exam covers areas that are prevalent in high school and college, such as mathematics, language, history, science, and so on. The procedure by which students are admitted to Yunnan University is known as university admission. By directing identical admission exams and processing applications in different departments with different criteria.

  • Must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.
  • Applicants should obey the Chinese laws, comply with Yunnan University’s regulations, and respect Chinese customs and public ethical norms.

  • For Bachelor’s degree programs: age limit 18-30 years old
  • For Master’s degree programs: age limit 20-40 years old
  • For Doctoral degree programs: age limit 22-45 years old

Students who received their education in a non-Chinese institution must obtain a degree recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

  • Applicants for Bachelor's degree programs must have earned a senior high school diploma or higher.
  • Applicants for Master's degree programs must have earned a Bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Applicants for a Doctoral degree must have earned a Master's degree.
FAQ of Yunnan University

Contact SANGEN for admission to Yunnan University to learn about language requirements, application, application documents, fees, and admissions, student insurance, and other details.

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