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University Overview

Yunnan Minzu University Overview

Yunnan Minzu University is located at Kunming, eternal spring city and the capital of Yunnan province, china. The origin of the university was back in 1951 when Yunnan National Institute was founded for all ethnic groups of China.

Then, in April 2003, it changed its name and renamed Yunnan Minzu University. As one of the first universities for Chinese ethnic groups’ higher education, YMU was co-founded by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, the Government of Yunnan Province, and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission.

ncluding 22,531 undergraduates, 2,342 postgraduates, 43 Ph.D. students, and 322 junior college students, altogether 25,594 full-time students are currently enrolled here.

Moreover, there are numerous students who are not receiving full-time education: 3,517 preparatory education students, 1,690 students night students, and 12,597 correspondence education students. In addition, the academy has at present 1,630 professional faculty staff.

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Why Choose Yunnan Minzu University

  • Schools of Economics
  • Law School
  • Schools of Humanities
  • Schools of Political Science and Public Administration
  • Literature and Media School
  • Schools of Southeast Asian Studies
  • School of South Asia
  • India China Yoga College
  • Physical Culture School
  • The Armed Forces College
  • Schools of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Schools of Electric and Informative Engineering
  • Schools of Chemistry and Environment
  • Schools of Management
  • Schools of Vocational and Technical Education
  • The Applied Technology School
  • International Tai-Chi School
  • Schools of Foreign Language
 Available Schools Faculties

The Yunnan Minzu University library was established at the same time in 1953 when the university was founded and with time the library has been evolving.

A six-story building was constructed in 1991 on the Lianhua campus. In 2009, a five-story octagonal-shaped library building was constructed on the Chenggong campus.

This digitalized library consists of a total of paper books with more than 1,200,000 volumes and e-books’ amounts are more than 1,150,000 volumes. There are several study lounges, electronic reading rooms, and open stack reading rooms.

To maintain the whole library and assist students, the library has five departments including the Reader Service Department, and the Skill Service Department.

Enriched Library

  • Accounting
  • Arts
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Sociology
  • Humanities
  • IT
  • Management
  • Philosophy
  • Law and Jurisprudence
  • Natural Science
Notable Programs

The university is dedicated to preparing its students for the future world. Hence, research gets distinct importance, and consequently, there are research institutions and centers

  • The Southeast Asia Studies
  • The Academy of National Economy
  • The Academy of Languages & Literature of Ethnic Groups
  • The Academy of Ethnic Studies and the Visual Anthropology Study Center.
  • The Ethnic Theories Study Center and The Ethnic Law Study Center.

The global ranking place of Yunnan Minzu University is 2394 and it is ranked #345 among Chinese universities.

University Ranking

Yunnan Minzu University bestows various kinds of categories and especially for non-Chinese foreign students if they fulfill the mandatory requirements.

Students who are studious and showed excellent academic performances have a high chance of getting university scholarships.

Available Scholarships

YMU actively participates in international cooperation, exchange, and recruitment. As one of the earliest universities of China, this institution has started recruiting overseas undergraduate students in 1981 and graduate students in 1992.

The university has a correlation with more than 80 international universities and research institutions from over 20 countries so that YMU can reinforce excellent higher education for its students.

International students

Like many other Chinese universities, Yunnan Minzu University admits students from all over the world and remarkably from South Asian countries. Currently, 168 foreign students are studying there.

Among the foreign students, several are from the Indian subcontinent. Therefore, Bangladeshi students have a high chance to receive a standard higher education from this international University.

Furthermore, since the university prioritizes non-Chinese students for scholarships, students from Bangladesh can comparatively easily board for YMU. For any support regarding applying, and visa issues, please contact us, SANGEN Edu Ltd.

also, you can visit our website to get information about other foreign universities.SANGEN Edu Ltd, an education consultancy firm based in Bangladesh, provides assistance to students who are willing to go abroad for higher education.

Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students
FAQ of Yunnan Minzu University

To select the best program for yourself, need to consider three important points; first, choose wisely your major, then, determine your budget, and lastly, try to select a better location for you.

A few overwhelming places of Yunnan to visit - Lijiang ancient town, the spring city kunming, attractive Shangri-La, Puzhehei, Jinagshui museum, Luoping, and Yuanyang.

Yes, therefore, students have to check the requirements of their pursuing department.


Yes, the university offers scholarships but before applying, try to get ground information about available scholarships.

FAQ of Yunnan Minzu University

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