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University Overview

Yunnan Arts University Overview

Yunnan Arts University is located at Kunming, the modern capital city where a student population is a large number, in the southern Yunnan province, China. Established in 1959, the institution is a leading university among the eight comprehensive art universities in China.

In 2003, YNAU was allowed to offer master’s degrees and after six years in 2009, it was granted the right to recruit students for a Master of Fine Arts(MFA). At present, the university is qualified to admit students in five first-level disciplines which are Art Theory, Music and Dance, Drama, Film and Television, Fine Arts and Design and MFA in eight disciplines which are Music, Drama, Traditional Opera, Film, Radio and Television, Dance, Fine Arts, and Art design.

It was permitted to enroll doctoral candidates in 2009. In 2019, it was selected as a provincial-level post-doctoral research workstation. YNAU possesses 38 undergraduate majors including Arts, Literature. Engineering, Management, and other disciplines. Currently, there are 12,071 students including 740 masters, 10,918 bachelors, and 413 college students. Besides, 694 full-time faculty staff are teaching there.

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Why Choose Yunnan Arts University

  • the Music School
  • the Dance School
  • the Drama School
  • the Film & TV School
  • the Fine Arts School
  • the Design School
  • the Art Management School
  • the Higher Vocational and Continued Education School
  • the Research Institute for Ethnic Arts
  • the Marxism School
  • the Public Teaching Department
  • the Physical Education Department
  • one attached art school
  • five provincial key disciplines
  • two provincial advantageous and characteristic disciplines
  • three provincial class A plateau disciplines
  • eight provincial and ministerial research platforms
  • ten provincial teaching and research teams
Schools & Disciplines

The university is located in Kunming city, capital of Yunnan province, and known as the City of Eternal Spring.

The campus covers a total area of 282,006 square meters with one campus in Chenggong and the other one in Mayuan.


Non-degree programs

  • Chinese
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Fine Arts

Bachelor Programs

  • Music
  • Design Art
  • Fine Art
  • Dance
  • Chinese

Masters Programs

  • Art and Culture Management
  • Drama
  • Film and Television
  • Music
  • Fine Art
  • Doctoral Program
  • Associated Programs
 Popular Programs

Globally, the ranking of Yunnan Arts University is 8409 and among Asian universities, its position is 3317.

In China, its place is #778 whereas only in Kunming city, it is the 13th institution.Since the main focal point of the university is arts disciplines, the academy achieved several prizes in these specialties.

By the Ministry of Education, YNAU ranked top among the universities of fine arts, drama, film and television, music and dance, design, and art theory in the fourth round of China Discipline Ranking.

University Ranking

YNAU is cultivating artistic talent not only for China but also for the world. To strengthen the arts, the university gathers the world's best artistic scholars and recruits talented students who are interested in various sorts of arts.

Though this institution’s primary focus is on the Arts, it has literature, management, and engineering majors. There are altogether 38 undergraduate majors for the country and overseas students.

The university was allowed to recruit international students in 1996. Now almost 40 foreign students are being enrolled in different disciplines.

International Students

Yunnan Arts University is an excellent institution for any overseas students as well as Bangladeshi students. For Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Film, the university is a top one among other Chinese universities.

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Opportunity for Bangladeshi Students
FAQ of Yunnan Arts University

Different universities application fee varies from one another but the average amount is around US$ 80-150 each.

Students can do it directly online by themselves or with the assistance of a consultancy firm.

If students decide to live in China for more than 6 months regarding the study, they should take a student visa.


Students who are under 18 have to find a guardian who lives in China and provide a letter of guardianship.

FAQ of Yunnan Arts University

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