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Yanbian University Overview

Yanbian University

Yanbian University is located in Yanji City, the capital of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province. The city enjoys the reputation of being the hometown of Education. The university was founded in 1949 and is one of the earliest universities established by the Communist Party of China in minority areas.

There are 22 colleges and 76 undergraduate majors; 8 first-level doctoral degree authorization disciplines, one second-level doctoral degree authorization discipline; 31 first-level master degree authorization disciplines, one post-doctoral research workstation.

There are 26,544 full-time students currently studying here. Including 5,320 doctoral and master students, 19,165 undergraduates, and 2,059 college students. and 277 international students from 24 countries study here as well.

The university has 2,237 faculty and staff, including 1,376 full-time teachers; 762 are full-time teachers with a doctorate and 531 with a master's degree.

The university has a beautiful campus, excellent school conditions, advanced teaching buildings, canteens, multi-functional gymnasiums, and activity centers that meet the needs of teaching and scientific research and the growth of students. Currently, there are 48 scientific research institutions at or above the provincial and ministerial levels.

The university offers students an excellent study experience with scholarship and financial aid facilities as well.

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Why Study at Yanbian University

Yanbian University is one of the oldest universities constructed under the Chinese communist party in minority areas

  • History of over 72 years.
  • Over 26,000 current students.
  • Wonderful campus experience.
  • Multidisciplinary education system.
  • 277 international students.
  • Covered by Chinese Government Scholarship.
  • 76 undergraduate majors.
  • On-campus accommodation facilities.
  • Scholarship opportunities.

Yanbian University's ranking is 551-600 in Asia and 301-350 in BRICS by QS world university ranking. The university has achieved a lot of provincial and national level awards and honors.

  Yanbian University Ranking

Yanbian University offers 76 undergraduate majors, 31 first-level master’s degrees,s and 8 first-level doctoral degrees in 22 colleges of the following:

  • Korean and Chinese Language College
  • Journalism and Communication College
  • Foreign Language School
  • Medical school
  • Humanities and Social Sciences college
  • College of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Science
  • Agricultural College
  • School of Economics and Management
  • Law school
  • School of Geography and Ocean Sciences
  • Normal university
  • Engineering College
  • School of Nursing
  • Art school
  • Art academy Physical
  • Education Institute
  • academy of Marxism
  • School of Science and Technology
  • Continuing Education
  • Fusion Academy
  • International Education Institute
Programs, Schools, and Departments

Yanbian University offers scholarships to its students to help them cover their increasing study expenses. The university scholarships are covered by Chinese Government Scholarships.

Both national and international students can apply for these scholarships.

Yanbian University

Yanbian University offers on-campus student dormitory facilities where students would get a private bathroom, bed, desk, and internet, etc.


Universities in China usually offer food for students from different places. Some of the universities offer halal food for Muslim students.

A Muslim student must be certain regarding the availability of halal food on campus or nearby before applying to universities in China.

Halal food availability

The university campus is located in Yanji City, Jilin, China. Yanji city is a busy hub of transport and trade between China.

Campus Location

This is a city very close to North Korea and has special tourist attractions. Students can visit Changbai Mountain, Three Kingdoms, Korean Ethnic Village, Yisong Pavilion, etc places.

Attractive places to visit

Yanbian University offers a range of courses to the students at a reasonable fee compared to other universities in China.

SL. No Course Cost
1 Undergraduate Degree CNY 20,000 - 26,000 (tentative)
Fees & Expenses

In Yanji City, the highest temperature reaches around 34.0 °C and the minimum falls around 5°C.

Temperature and weather

Yanbian University could be a very good option for Bangladeshi students, especially for its world-class ranking and the range of courses it offers.

Bangladeshi students aiming to pursue higher degrees in Yanbian University or in other universities in China or Asia can take support from Sangen Edu Ltd.

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Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students
FAQ of Yanbian University

The address of Yanbian University in Yanji City, Jilin province, China.

A student can apply to Yanbian University online or can take help from Sangen for an easy, hassle-free application process.

Yes, students from Bangladesh can easily apply for Yanbian University scholarships and financial aid facilities. For details check the scholarship section.

For any course over a 6 months period, students should apply for a type X2 visa.

FAQ of Yanbian University

NB.All the final information is subject to the University If there are any changes and discrepancies.

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