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Wuyi University at a Glance

Wuyi University Overview

Wuyi University (WYU) is a non-profit public higher education institution located in Wuyishan. As a public university, it was approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. It is a world heritage site with 433.1 thousand square meters of building area, it has mesmerizing scenery of mountains, rivers, and lakes.

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Why Study at Wuyi University

In 1958 it was first founded as a teachers' college. In January 1962, the Fuzhou Normal College entered the renamed Nanping Normal College (undergraduate).

During the cultural revolution, it was stopped by the state council in 1978. On March 19, 2007, Wuyi University was approved by the Ministry of Education as a full-time undergraduate college.

 Enrich History

WYU is trying hard to support its students before, during and after their studies. Some factors would encourage you to choose the WYU. Facilities are given below:

  • A university with natural beauty
  • Exceptional support for freshers.
  • Global community.
  • Enrich with the latest technological invention.
  • World-class research facility.
  • The smooth transportation system.
  • Historical background.
  • Global standard qualifications.
Some Unique Reasons to Study in China at Wuyi University

Wuyi University has 2 billion square meters, a total of 118 million Yuan equipment, 1.2066 million copies of book collections,780.4 thousand electronic books.

It has a beautiful natural environment. Full-text databases of newspapers, abundant papers, knowledge video databases, E-Books, and so on are available to enhance the teaching and scientific research of the service.

WYU has initially built "Key Laboratory for Innovative Using of Wuyi Tea Resources in Fujian province", "Neo-Confucianism Research Center" and more than 10 research institutions.


The ranking of Wuyi University is 425nds in China and 6288st globally. Ranks 1st among universities in Wuyishan.

University Ranking

WYU offers the following three kinds of scholarships to international students: the Chinese government scholarship, the Fujian provincial government scholarship, and the Wuyi University scholarship.

Besides, WYU is the Fujian provincial overseas Chinese education base and the promotion center for Chinese traditional culture. WYU recruits academic and non-academic overseas students.

Scholarships & Fundings

The third zone of 2012-2013 "China Explosion" for the overseas students in China was hosted by Wuyi University. The WYU team has achieved the second position in this competition and participated in the finals in Qingdao representing Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, and Jiangxi provinces.

The school has also been awarded “the national green model unit”, “the national university student apartment management and service advanced unit”, “the national 54 red flag League Committee”, It achieved the "Best Organization Award" and "Excellent Group Award".

It has also successfully arranged many international and national academic conferences, such as "International Tea Industry Summit", "Educational Thoughts of Zhuxi and Its Contemporary Value Forum" and "The Sixth Cross-Strait Tea Expo Summit" and so on.

Exceptional achievements

WYU cooperates and exchanges with foreign universities and research institutions. Recently WYU has established a cooperative relationship with Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Cambridge, and 60 more universities and large enterprises at home and abroad.

International Affiliation & Collaboration

There are 14,000 full-time students and more than 1000 teaching staff. Overseas students coming from the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia, Pakistan, Ghana, Kenya, and Bangladesh.It offers three kinds of scholarships to international students.

There are 15 schools such as School of Tea & Food Science, School of Tourism, School of Ecology Resources & Engineering, School of Arts, School of Humanity & Teacher Education, School of Mechanical & Electrical, School of Architecture & Engineer, School of Math & Computer Science, School of Media & Animation, School of Strait Chenggong, School of Modern Information Services, School of Business, School of Continuing Education, School of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and School of Physical Education.

There are also 38 majors on the undergraduate level covering economics, education, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, management science, and art.

Discipline & Programs
FAQ of Wuyi University

The Chinese Ministry of Education oversees the university, which is well regarded for areas such as mechanical engineering, computer science, and architecture, and civil engineering.

The university has a high employment rate, making it one of the top secured places to study in.

We request our students to apply before 1/1.5 month of departure date.

For 6 months or above, apply for an X1 type visa. For less than 6 months, apply for an X2 type visa.

FAQ of Wuyi University

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