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University Overview

Taiyuan University of Technology

TUT (Taiyuan University of Technology) was one of China's first three national universities. TUT was founded in 1902 and has a history of nearly 100 years of tradition and progress. It is presently a general university with engineering as a major, sciences and technology combined, and multidisciplinary development coordinated. China's national higher education promotion program for 100 of the country's best colleges.

TUT has used dual-degree and major/minor education models, free admission of top undergraduates for Master's degrees, and a Master-PhD joint program to produce high-quality creative graduates. TUT was also selected by the Education Ministry as one of the first universities for the Outstanding Engineer Education Project and the Creative College Student Education Project. This 119-year-old university features a rigorous entrance exam-based admissions process. International students, especially Bangladeshis, are encouraged to apply.

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Some Unique Reasons to Study at the Taiyuan University of Technology in China

  • Faculty with significant knowledge and well-established disciplines are the strength of South Garden-style Campuses.
  • Collaboration and sharing on a global scale.
  • XMU has partnered with nearly 50 of the world's top 200 institutions in some way.
  • XMU offers a wide range of teaching and research opportunities.
  • A well-run government service system.
  • There are a variety of scholarships and low-cost study choices available.
  • Excellent facilities.
  • Personalized assistance for students.
Why choose Taiyuan University of Technology

There are 28 colleges and departments at the university, including 76 undergraduate programs, 126 graduate programs, 49 Ph.D. degrees, and more.

  • Architecture College.
  • College of Art and Design.
  • Biomedical Engineering College.
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College.
  • Civil Engineering College.
  • Computer Science and Technology College.
  • Data Science College is a school dedicated to the study of data.
  • Economics and Management College.
  • Electrical and Power Engineering College
  • Foreign Languages College.
  • Environmental Science and Engineering College.
  • Hydro Science and Engineering College
  • Information and Computer Science College.
  • Exchange College for International Education.
  • Marxist College.
  • Materials Science and Engineering College.
  • College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering .
  • College of Mathematics.
  • Mining Engineering College.
  • Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering College.
  • Physical Education College.
  • The College of Politics and Law is an institution dedicated to the study of politics and law.
  • Engineering College of Safety and Emergency Management.
  • College of Computer Science.
  • Textile Engineering College.
  • College Chemical Research Institute.
  • Mining Technology Research Institute at College.
  • The New Material Engineering Technology Research.
Colleges and Departments

The exceptional research facilities at the Taiyuan University of Technology are well-known. Today, the university employs 936 professors and associate professors, including 5 Chinese Academy of Science academicians and 6 Chinese Academy of Engineering academicians.

The Taiyuan University of Technology now has three national permitted fields, eleven state important laboratories, and eleven provincial engineering research facilities.


The University was given the "Perfect Institute for Undergraduate Study'' Academic award in recognition of its contributions to the state and its citizens, which include cultivating more than 100,000 highly qualified students.

The university's male basketball team, the kings of the north, has won the basketball competition seven times among universities in the north and west regions and has also been placed in the top eight for over ten years in the Chinese league.

International Cooperation & Achievements

Establishing positive relationships with more than 40 universities, including many from developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, India, Norway, Japan, and Germany, Taiyuan University of Technology is making significant progress in academic cooperation with nearby countries such as Bangladesh and India.

These are hoped to be expanded in the future, resulting in a lot more research and educational accomplishments.

Getting in Touch with Overseas Students

Foreign student accommodation is available at the Taiyuan University of Technology, and it is apartment-style with a clean and pleasant environment. Every room has a bathroom, a water dispenser, a public kitchen, air conditioning, basic furnishings, a television, a phone, and an internet connection.

International students have three types of rooms to choose from: single rooms, double rooms, and triple rooms, all of which are very handy for them. Dormitory living provides excellent opportunities for overseas students to make new friends and engage in cultural exchange.


Shanxi Province has established the "Shanxi Provincial Government Scholarship" for international students in order to support the development of international students' higher education in Shanxi, raise the profile of Shanxi Education around the world, and make Shanxi a preferred province for international students to study.

This scholarship is awarded to outstanding international students who wish to study full-time at the Taiyuan University of Technology.

FAQ of Taiyuan University of Technology

Taiwan is a desired location for international students due to the country's academic resources, rich cultural milieu, and potential job chances. Taiwan has better living conditions and lower tuition costs when compared to Western countries.

The program is completely in English.

The living level here is decent; for example, a month's worth of food costs $150 USD. International students have their own canteen, and Muslim students have their own food court.

China produces the most engineering graduates in the world.

Although the curriculum is taught in English, international students are required to study Chinese, according to China's Ministry of Education. International students must pass the basic level of Chinese language classes, which are only provided three times per week. Furthermore, learning some Chinese will be beneficial to pupils in their daily lives.
FAQ of Taiyuan University of Technology

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