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Taihu University Wuxi overview

University of Taihu University Wuxi

Taihu University Wuxi (无锡太湖学院) is a Chinese higher education institution. Wuxi's Taihu University was founded in 2002. Wuxi's Taihu University is one of China's finest educational institutions, consistently ranking among the country's top five locations to study.

Despite being one of China's newest universities, Taihu University of Wuxi is ranked in the country's national rankings. It's in Wuxi's metropolitan area, as well as a national forest park. The city of “University,” which is close to Shanghai, provides easy access to public transit and lovely surroundings.

Taihu University, “double first-class” university with a century of history. It was founded in 2002 and granted master's degree issuing authority status in 2017. Wuxi Taihu College was placed no: 1 among similar universities in Jiangsu Province in China.

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There are several unique reasons to study at Taihu University Wuxi

  • Natural beautified campus & accommodation.
  • Campus with national Forest Park Faculty,
  • University has substantial expertise and well-established fields.
  • Collaboration and sharing on a global scale
  • The institution has partnered with internationally renowned universities.
  • It offers a wide range of teaching and research materials.
  • A well-run government service system.
  • Various scholarship programs are available.
  • There are low-cost study options accessible.
  • Excellent services
  • Personalized assistance for students

The university is located next to the local National Forest Park, in a peaceful and pleasant setting.

It has a library, sports fields, an administrative centre, a top-ranked experimental teaching centre, an engineering building, convenient transportation, a gorgeous landscape, and the opportunity to learn about cultural diversity.

Way of life

There are 18 teaching units at Taihu University Wuxi, including the

  • School of Internet of Things Engineering.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School
  • The Civil Engineering School,
  • The Business School,
  • The Accounting School,
  • The School of Art,
  • The School of Foreign Languages,
  • There's also the School of Nursing.
Schools of Taihu University

Globally is at the heart of Taihu University's strategic establishment of Wuxi to promote education and analysis.

This strategy has been effectively executed through the event associated degreed operation of a variety of international cooperative programs with high-quality partner universities abroad, exchange student programs, and other initiatives that allow participants to try to complete a portion of their studies at universities abroad.

Why study Taihu University Wuxi

The University of Wuxi Taihu has extensively co-educated talent with renowned international universities and "double first-class" domestic universities. The school cooperates in the launch of its engineering programs with the Dallas Baptist University in the US.

Together with the Finance and Economics University of Shanghai, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Harvard University, Stanford University of Cambridge University, and other international universities, signs an

"Agreement for Inter-University Cooperation;" Singapore National University Visit-to-study programs have been launched by a number of well-known universities.

Many students trade abroad, study abroad and study at universities renowned at home and abroad every year

International collaboration

The University of Wuxi Taihu has been awarded the "China Labor Awards of 1 May," the "National Application-oriented University Demonstration Base" of Industry, University of Jiangsu, Province of Advanced Education, and the "University of Jiangsu" of Jiangsu Safes to Campus Demonstration. Over 30 awards, national and provincial, etc.


The Student Union rounds a wide range of clubs and cultures in which students can participate outside the book.

These range from sports teams to lessons and various voluntary activities in this union. Taihu University is a fresh, active, and innovative university in the spirit of transformation of lives, skills, and motivations.

FAQ of Taihu University Wuxi

A logical time before the beginning of your term, the international alignment and airport pickups involve discussions and workshops to introduce international students both to the university and to each other.

Chinese language support for international students can be provided before starting the course and at the year's start through all campuses.

Obviously, international students including Bangladeshi students have more scholarships.

The conditions to apply include academic achievement, financial requirements, participation and sports excellence, instructors' and employers' references. Every year, the university defines Support as different standards.

Taihu University's accommodation is a remarkable combination of students coming from all over the world to study at University and offers everything you need to stabilize your new home quickly, including fully equipped with all modern and digital facilities. Capacity varieties & demand. Accommodation off-campus and lodging on campus.

Taihu University Wuxi

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