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Shanxi University Overview

Shanxi University

Shanxi University was established in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, in 1902. Previously it was named Shanxi University Hall. Its long history can be traced back to Sanli Academy of Ming Dynasty and Healing of Jinyang Academy of Qing Dynasty. The early Shanxi University Hall combined Chinese and Western cultures and emphasized both liberal arts and sciences.

It had broad ideas for running schools and advanced educational concepts. It was one of the important birthplaces of modern higher education in our country. And it was an important town of culture, science, and education in the land of Sanjin for a century.

The university offers 86 undergraduate majors, 19 authorized first-level disciplines doctoral degrees. 35 authorized first-level disciplines for master's degree.

It currently has 31,528 full-time students, including 24,096 undergraduates and 7,432 postgraduates. There are 2141 full-time teachers and 1169 teachers with senior professional titles. To date, the university has produced over 300,000 outstanding talents.

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Why Study at Shanxi University

Shanxi University University is one of the oldest universities in China providing western education

  • 120 years of history.
  • Over 31,500 current students.
  • Offers courses in medicine and engineering.
  • Comprehensive education system.
  • 2141 full-time faculty.
  • On-campus accommodation facilities.
  • 300,000 alumni pole.
  • Scholarship opportunities.

Shanxi University's ranking is 80 in China and 199 in Asia. The university has won 16 national scientific research awards along with many provincial awards.

  Shanxi University Ranking

Shanxi University offers 86 undergraduate degrees, 19 authorized doctoral degrees, 35 authorized master's degrees in 12 disciplines of the following.

  • Medicine
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Management
  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Art
Programs, Schools, and Departments

Shanxi University offers different scholarships for its local and international students, to aid their higher study in this institution.

Bangladeshi and students from other countries can apply for these scholarships as well.

Shanxi University

Shanxi University offers twin rooms for its students to accommodate. Here every room is equipped with internet access, refrigerator, air conditioner, furniture, etc. facilities.


Shanxi University has in total 4 canteens. Each canteen provides varieties of food. There are Muslim food offering restaurants in the city.

A Muslim student must check properly the availability of halal food before making a final decision.

Halal food availability

The university campus is located in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, an ancient cultural capital with a history of more than 2500 years

Campus Location

Taiyuan is one of the oldest cities in China. Students can visit the Coal Museum of China, Qikou Ancient Town, Shanxi Museum, etc. places.

Attractive places to visit

Shanxi University offers world-class programs in the different disciplines at a reasonable fee.

SL. No Course Cost
1 Undergraduate Degree CNY 18,000 - 20,000 (tentative)
2 Master’s degree NTD 20,000 - 22,000 (tentative)
Fees & Expenses

In Taiyuan, the summer is usually long and warm and winter is freezing cold. The highest temperature in Taiyuan usually reaches around 30 °C and the lowest goes down to -11 °C.

Temperature and weather

Shanxi University is among the top competitive institutions in Asia. It offers a range of subjects to its students to study from.

Bangladeshi students aiming to apply at Shanxi University or in other universities in China or Taiwan can get support from Sangen Edu Ltd. for an easy, hassle-free university admission service.

Students can reach out to Sangen through the website: , contact number, or by physically visiting our office.

Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students
FAQ of Shanxi University

The address of Shanxi University in Taiyuan Shi, Xiaodian Qu, Shanxi, China.

A student can apply to Shanxi University online or can take help from Sangen for an easy, hassle-free application process.

Yes, students from Bangladesh can easily apply for Shanxi University scholarships. For details check the scholarship section.

Usually for any course over 6 months, students should apply for a type X2 visa.

FAQ of Shanxi University

NB. All the final information is subject to the University If there are any changes and discrepancies.

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Choose from a broad range of professional, internationally recognised Subject for your desired dimploma, graduation and post graduation courses.

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