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University Overview

Shaanxi Normal University Overview

Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU) is a central Chinese higher education institute that was established in 1944 and is integrated with services and infrastructure. Shaanxi Normal University is a world-class university specializing in building disciplines directly under the tutelage of the Ministry of Education. It is an important base for training teachers and education management personnel in universities, secondary schools, and other senior personnel in China. It is known as the cradle of the teachers.

Welcoming foreign students to Chinese language and cultural education courses is an integral part of the university's mission. The International School of Chinese Studies offers courses in the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language and Sinology, as well as opportunities for foreign students to earn an undergraduate, master's, or full degree.

Shanxi Normal University (SXNU) provides courses and programs that lead to formal graduate degrees. Educational qualifications such as bachelor's degrees in several fields of study. International applicants, including Bangladesh, are eligible to apply.

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Why to Study at Shaanxi Normal University

  • With more than 70 years of worldwide schooling experience
  • It is the first "Chinese Education Base" in Northwest China, founded by the State Council's Overseas Chinese Affairs Office.
  • It is the Chinese Proficiency Test of China's HSK test site.
  • It's a scholarship-accepting institution run by the Chinese government.
  • Provide free optional courses in Chinese calligraphy, painting, folk songs, folk dance, Tai Chi, and Chinese film, among other things.
  • The student canteen has a broad choice of flavors, comprehensive patterns, and tasty flavors to choose from. Among the universities in Xi'an, it is known as "meal at the National Normal University."
  • Can international students from Shaanxi Normal University pursue elective courses in addition to their regular classes?
Why choose Shaanxi Normal University

SNNU has 26 schools of study based on two campuses, offering students a range of more than 300 bachelor or postgraduate degrees, 67 doctoral program majors

  • 1. Marxist school of thought
  • 2. Philosophy and Government School
  • 3. Chinese Language and Literature School
  • 4. History and Culture School
  • 5. Department of Education
  • 6. Psychology is a school of thought
  • 7. International Studies School
  • 8. Mathematics and Information Science School
  • 9. Physics and Information Technology School
  • 10. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering School
  • 11. Material Science and Engineering School
  • 12. Life Science School
  • 13. Geography and Tourism School
  • 14. School of Journalism and Communications
  • 15. School of Computer Science
  • 16. Physical Education School
  • 17. Music School
  • 18. Fine Arts School
  • 19. International Business School
  • 20. International Chinese Studies School
  • 21. Food Engineering and Nutritional Science School
  • 22. Philosophical Academy
  • 23. Ethnic Nationalities Education School
  • 24. Basic Experiment Teaching Center
  • 25. Distance Learning School
  • 26. Teacher and Administrator Education School
Programs, Schools, and Departments

In order to enable more outstanding international understudies to pursue degrees at Shanxi Normal University, the university offers the Common Government Grant as well as suitable scholarships for exceptional international understudies to pursue full-time studies.


Students are allocated to a dormitory maintained by the universities. Logistic Service Group Company under the supervision of the Student Affairs Department and the Logistic Service Department after they are admitted to the institution and come to the campus for enrollment.

Also Before making any decisions or reservations, international students should contact the university's International Student Office for complete information regarding on-campus living options.

FAQ of Shaanxi Normal University

Students can only work part-time if the university has given them permission.

Shanxi Normal University offers a number of courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees, like bachelor's degrees, in a variety of subjects. Students from all over the world are welcome to apply, including Bangladeshi students. For additional information, contact SANJEN in Dhaka.

The show is entirely in English.

The cost of living in this city is pretty low; for example, your monthly dinners will cost you around $100. Northeast Electric Power University's campus canteens, which include a Halal restaurant, offer a variety of good cuisine at a reasonable price to international students.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Education, international students must learn the Chinese language, even if the program is taught in English. International students must pass the basic level of the Chinese language courses, which are offered only three times a week. In addition, students will benefit from learning Chinese in their daily lives.
FAQ of Shaanxi Normal University

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