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Northeast Normal University Overview

Northeast Normal University Overview

The university was founded in Changchun in 1949 and renamed "Northeast Normal University" in 1950. In 1958, it was transferred to the administration of Jilin Province, and the name 'Jilin Normal University' was given to it.

Where a unique blend of technology, innovation, and creativity is put to good use in preparing professional graduates for crucial roles in business and society around the world.

NENU has earned the unique distinction of being an endowment-winning university as a result of its several notable accolades at the national and international levels.

Northeast Normal University offers a wide range of courses and programs leading to legally recognized higher education degrees, including bachelor's degrees in a variety of subjects. Applicants from all around the world, including Bangladeshis, are welcome to apply.

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There are a few unique reasons why Northeast Normal University was chosen

  • Tech is emerging into a world-class university for applied research
  • Production that is both high-tech and administrative
  • Personnel with the ability to compete on a global basis
  • As a result, the future progress of our country and society will be enhanced
  • To achieve greatness, take a multifaceted approach
  • One-of-a-kind expertise
  • Technology integration
  • A well-rounded education is also important
  • Platforms for smart green building technology
  • Getting well-known professors from all across the world to speak

The university is divided into 22 schools, each of which offers a wider choice of disciplines and research themes. Departments and colleges

  • Faculty of Education and Psychology
  • Politics and Law School
  • Economic School of Thought
  • a business school
  • Chinese Language and Literature School
  • History and Culture School
  • Foreign Languages School
  • Conservatory of Music
  • Fine Arts College
  • Mathematics and Statistics School
  • Computer Science School
  • Software Engineering School
  • Physicists' School
  • Chemistry Department
  • Life Science School
  • College of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Environmental Science School
  • Physical Education School
  • Media Science School
  • Institute of International Relations and
  • Marxism Research Institute
  • The Institution for the Study of Ancient Civilizations
School & Department

International students can live in the NENU Foreign Student Apartment or the Shixun Building, both of which feature public amenities such as a café and a store.

The room has its own bathroom, air conditioning, and other amenities. When international students register at the beginning of each semester, they will receive a "Letter of Admission" and an "Occupation Permit."


Northeast Normal University offers courses and programs that lead to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor’s, master's, and doctorate degrees in a range of subjects to Bangladeshi students. For more information, simply contact the SANJEN in Dhaka.

Bangladeshi students

International students' involvement in campus clubs and organizations is a significant part of their higher education experience.

International students will have the opportunity to have a lot of fun, explore a lot of possibilities, acquire and practice vital skills, have a great part-time job, and have a long-term impact on a university that provides high-quality sports facilities.

University campus life

International student scholarships at China's Northeast Normal University are administered by the university's officials.

Academic achievement, financial need, volunteer effort, athletic talent, and mentor or concern references are just a few of the requirements.

Scholarships are provided by the Chinese government and provinces. Every year, the University awards scholarships based on a list of criteria.

Scholarships for international students
FAQ of Northeast Normal University

Northeast Normal University admits students based on their performance on entrance exams. Applicants from various corners of the globe are encouraged to apply. Bangladeshi students have the same opportunities to enroll as international students.

Answer: The entire program is in English.

Answer: The cost of living in this city is affordable; for example, your monthly food expenses will be around $150 USD. There are several kitchens on campus 4 for international students.

Answer: this province's annual average temperature is around 15°C (60°F).

Despite the fact that the curriculum is taught in English, the Chinese Ministry of Education requires all students to study Chinese. International students must successfully complete the basic level of Chinese language classes, which are only offered three times a week.

FAQ of Northeast Normal University

NB.All the final information is subject to the University If there are any changes and discrepancies.

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