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Ningxia Medical University

Ningxia Medical University (NXMU, Chinese:宁夏医科大学) known as Ningxia Medical College. Ningxia Medical University is a medical school located in Yinchuan City, Ningxia Province, China.

The school was first established in 1958 as Ningxia Medical School. This is a public medical college.

This is an international institution where students come from more than 50 countries and complete their higher education. About 20,000 students study in the university, including 9100 full-time students, 1630 post-graduate students.

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Why Choose Ningxia Medical University as your first choice

Ningxia Medical University is not only a medical institution that provides courses and certificates but also the university makes its students highly competitive in the professional area.

The main focuses of the university are Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and a hybrid combination of the two.

The academy allows practice for the students in more than 12 teaching hospitals. You will get advantages like.

  • Online library service is available for 24 hours. Furthermore, the library has some special facility rooms for impaired and special needs students.
  • Huge opportunities for getting scholarships.
  • The university is well known for medical innovation.
  • Ningxia Medical University provides more facilities than a public medical college.
  • 24/7 hours campus and residence hall security.
  • Ningxia Medical University provides more than 250 courses in 14 different schools and 5 departments.
Reasons to Go Ningxia Medical University

Ningxia Medical University, formerly known as Ningxia Medical College, was established in 1958. In 2006, it was upgraded to a comprehensive medical university with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

Ningxia Medical University is located in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of Yingchuan and a higher education medical institution for MBBS in China.

Ningxia Medical University Over the past 50 years, the university has undergone tremendous growth and development in the areas of special development, infrastructure, teaching staff, teaching, and research.

History origin

The Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical University covers an area of 110 000 square meters Today the hospital has 1244 wards and a staff of over 2000.

Among them, 1389 are technical personnel, including 274 high-leveled professionals and 454 mid-level professionals.

The College has 12 teaching hospitals as well as over 11 preventative medicine stations and hospitals that provide the basis for the intern practice of students.

Apart from study advantages and equipment, there are many sources for entertainment and recreation such as debate club, music club, indoor games, outdoor games.

Exquisite Ningxia Medical University Campus

The University has a residential hall with many facilities. First of all, students from different countries come to study and live in the university hall.

Therefore, it would be a great opportunity to learn about various countries, cultures, religions, and languages. Then, you can select a residential hall near the campus if you prefer.

Hostel facilities are available in university premises on a bed-sharing system equipped with TV, Telephone, Internet Connection, drinking Water supply, air conditioner, attached bathroom with hot water supply, etc.

Approximately Charges: $600 per year.Food is cheaper in China. Students used to eat in the University Canteen. All types of continental foods are available. Non-vegetarians students can also cook by themselves and the cost is minimal.

Student Accommodation

The university offers different sorts of scholarships and fundings for overseas students. The students who are highly geniuses and present brilliant performances would easily get scholarships.

Furthermore, the University also offers current students with funding opportunities to study internationally on a variety of research programs.

Scholarships for International Students

Generally, the ranking of a university is published in two forms: national and international position. The national ranking of Ningxia Medical University holds the top position as a medical research-based university ranking in China.

The national ranking of universities in China shows that the university ranking is 234th. The global ranking of Ningxia Medical University is 1901.

Ningxia Medical University Ranking

After completing higher secondary education or graduation in Bangladesh students seek a world-recognized university in China for gathering further higher education.

They face difficulties as they do not have proper information about entry requirements, scholarships, and details like Foundation entry, Undergraduate entry, Postgraduate entry as well as Research entry.

To provide a clear way to reach your desired destination or to sort out the best possible way SANGEN is the Ningxia Medical University Representative in Bangladesh.

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Opportunities For Bangladeshi Student

They offer some demandable courses that may assist you in your bright professional life. Ningxia Medical University (NXMU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor’s degrees in several areas of study.

NXMU also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, financial aids and/or scholarships, as well as administrative services. Ningxia Medical University offers 21 undergraduate majors and 8 master’s degree programs are administered by 7 departments. Those departments are

  • The Clinical Medicine Department
  • The Department of Public Sanitation
  • The Traditional Chinese Medicine Department
  • The Nursing Department
  • The Department of Pharmacology and Medical Exam
  • The Department of Medical Radiology and Anesthesia
  • The Stomatology Department
  • The Department of Basic Science Research Education
  • The Department of Marxism Theory & Political Education
  • The Secondary Specialized Education Department
Ningxia Medical University Specialise Courses

Our students get a chance to practice in 11 affiliated hospitals, 12 teaching hospitals, and over 90 training hospitals after completing their studies.

People Also Asked

QS stars recognized NXMU earned five stars for its needs in China, following an international evaluation system for universities based on auditing.
Students know NXMU for its in-depth programs across a wide range of subject matters, holistic experience of quality education, a modern campus, and accomplished academics.

Sngen Edu, a quality education consultancy firm in Bangladesh, counsels its students in a way that boosts up students' confidence.

Sangen has a good affiliation with NXMU and many students still present there who took the help of Sangen. However, they are doing excellent performances there. Sangen will help you to study in china and do the paperwork for you.

The cost of living in China is comparatively lower than in other developed countries. This makes it a great destination for many students who desire to study in china. This is an affordable medical university where you can study at a minimal cost.

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