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Nanjing Normal University at a Glance

Nanjing Normal University

The establishment of Nanjing Normal University (南京师范大学) can be linked in return to 1902 when Sanjiang Normal College was established as one of china's cradles of higher normal schools.

Nanjing Normal University is a public higher education school located in a remote setting of Nanjing Jiangsu's city. It has grown into a comprehensive university noted for its educational and scientific research. NNU, the National Base for Teaching Chinese to Overseas, was China's first international institution.

With a number of federal top topics, Nanjing Normal University became one of China's top 5 normal institutions and top 50 studies especially. International students have been coming to NNU since 1965, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu Provincial Government.

More than 2000 overseas students from 123 countries, including Bangladesh, were welcomed at the university. NNU has formed working agreements with 145 universities in 42 countries and regions and has founded three Chinese Colleges abroad.

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Some Unique Validation for Selecting Nanjing Normal University

  • Bangladeshi and Asian pupils have access to additional benefits.
  • Internationally recognized all Degrees
  • Winners of local and international contests on a regular basis
  • Degree Programs that Meet International Standards
  • China's Best Higher Education Institute for Digital Technology
  • Among China's top-ranked developing colleges
  • More than 2000 international students
  • Campus with a lot of color and technology
  • Possibility of living in a world-class lighting city

Nanjing Normal University is divided into 29 schools, each offering 202 subjects and a diverse range of research topics.

  • School of Chemistry and Materials Science School of Business
  • Chinese Language and Literature School
  • The International College for Chinese Studies
  • Computer and Electronic Information School
  • School of Artificial Intelligence
  • School of Computer and Electronic Information
  • Science School of Education
  • Electrical and Automation Engineering at NARI
  • School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering
  • Environmental School
  • Fine Arts School
  • Food Science and Pharmaceutical Engineering School
  • Foreign Languages and Cultures School
  • Geography School
  • Ginling College
  • Honors College
  • School of Journalism and Communication
  • School of Law
  • Life Sciences School
  • Marine Science and Engineering School
  • Marxist Studies School
  • Mathematical Sciences School
  • School of Music
  • Physics and Technology School
  • Psychology is a school of thought.
  • Public Administration School
  • The School of Social Development
  • School of Physical Education and Sports Science
  • Teacher Education School
 Schools of Nanjing Normal University

Xianlin Campus, Suiyuan Campus, and Zijin Campus are the three campuses that make up the university.


It has collaborated on 16 international programs and sponsored study abroad programs with 123 universities. NNU has also formed intercollegiate interaction with 232 universities from 42 nations and regions throughout the world.

NNU employs more than 400 foreign professionals, 80 of whom are long-term, and welcomes more than 2000 international students yearly.

What Made You Decide on Nanjing Normal University?

Scholarships for international students at Nanjing Normal University in China are governed by three authorities.

  • Scholarship from the Chinese Government
  • Jiangsu Government Scholarship for Jasmine
  • Government Scholarship in Nanjing

Academic success, financial exigency, volunteer work, athletic talent, and mentor or concern references are some of the application conditions.

Scholarships from the Chinese government and Chinese provinces are available. The University provides scholarships every year consisting of a set of conditions.

Scholarships for International Students

Nanjing Normal University is the National Base for Teaching Chinese to Foreigners and was one of the first universities approved by the Ministry of Education to open up to the outside world.

Since 1965, overseas students have flocked to Nanjing Normal University, with more than 20,000 having finished their studies there. More than 2000 students from 123 counties and regions were accepted into the university.

International Students at Nanjing Normal University, China

Accommodation at Nanjing Normal University (NNU) in Nanjing, China Nanjing Normal University (NNU) offers students a comfortable and affordable living environment.

All rooms have air conditioning, a telephone, 24- hour hot water, internet, a desk, and a chair. International students could enjoy their campus life as well as the ancient city's grandeur in addition to the ideal location.

Furthermore, international students will find transit to be quite convenient and quick. In addition, the air in Nanjing is healthy.

Accommodation in Nanjing Normal University, China
FAQ of Nanjing Normal University

Answer: Admission to Nanjing Normal University is selective and depends on entrance examinations. Interviewees from all over the world are welcome to apply. Bangladeshi students have the same chances for enrollment as foreign students. SANGEN Dhaka is the place to go for additional information.

Answer: The program is completely in English.

Answer: The cost of living here is reasonable; for example, your food costs per month will be around 150 USD. For international students, there are different kitchens on campus

Answer: Nanjing's average yearly temperature is around 15°C (60°F)

Even though the curriculum is taught in English, worldwide students are required to study Chinese by the Chinese Ministry of Education. International students must pass the basic level of Chinese language classes, which are only provided 3 times per week.

FAQ of Nanjing Normal University

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