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Nanjing Agricultural University


Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) is one of China's earliest and most prominent agricultural universities, operating under the Ministry of Education's supervision. Nanjing Agricultural University was founded in 1952, although its roots may be linked back to Sanjiang Teachers College, which first opened its doors in 1902.

The current Nanjing Agricultural University was formed by merging this college with the University of Nanking's Faculty of Agriculture and other departments from Zhejiang University.

It takes pride in being the pioneer of China's four-year bachelor's program in higher agricultural education, as well as the innovator of modern agricultural education, research, and development.Nanjing Agricultural University provides 60 bachelor's degrees, 157 master's degrees, 77 doctoral degrees, and 13 post-doctoral research fellowships.

Because of its more than 32,000 students and 2680 employees. NAU's objective is to foster a vibrant learning and research environment. The university is dedicated to enhancing the quality of its educational programs and research activities, as well as active participation in local, national, and international society.

The institution places a high emphasis on multidisciplinary research and education. International students, including Bangladeshi students, are welcome to apply for admission.

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Some Specialty of Nanjing Agricultural University

Nanjing Agricultural University is a full-time comprehensive university approved by the Ministry of Education.

  • Internationally Recognized agricultures Degrees
  • Accredited agricultures Degrees
  • Exceptional education in China
  • Cutting-edge technology in the classrooms
  • All degrees are recognized and certified worldwide
  • The University is conveniently located in a solitary & hygienic place
  • Internships and work experience are guaranteed for students that live a bright lifestyle
  • Schools offer a wide range of courses from which to choose
  • International and Chinese students can apply for scholarships

Nanjing Agricultural University's six faculties provide 60 bachelor's degrees, 157 master's degrees, 77 Ph.D. programs, and 13 post-doctoral research programs.

  • Plant Science Faculty
  • Animal Science Faculty
  • Biology and Environment Faculty
  • Food and Engineering Faculty
  • Social Science Faculty
  • General Education
 Programs & Discipline

Since a successful crop production collaboration with Cornell University in 1925, has been a priority of the university.

It collaborates with over 150 universities and research institutes throughout the world and participates in a number of European Union and UN initiatives.

Programs, Schools, and Departments

Nanjing Agricultural University offers different scholarships for its local and international students.

Allowances the scholarships usually offer is 2,500-45,000 CNY per year. Bangladeshi students are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

Nanjing Agricultural University Scholarships

In most cases, two international students share a room, referred to as a double room. The dormitory is very clean and neat, with its own toilet and bathroom, as well as high-speed internet and air conditioning.

Water and electricity costs are not included in the lodging rate and must be paid individually.

The school's administrators are in charge of housing and living arrangements. They will also provide the best service to international students.


Nanjing Government Scholarship was founded by the Nanjing government and province’s declared; with the goal of assisting more outstanding international students in studying and conducting scientific research in Nanjing.

It also provides scholarships to outstanding international students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels through a number of government scholarship programs, including the China Government Scholarship and the Outstanding International Students Scholarship, which are based on the previous year's results.


NAU is home to more than 1000 foreign students from 60 different countries. Their campus life is incredibly rich and colorful, with them studying the Chinese language, participating in various student groups, and learning Chinese paintings.

Furthermore, studying in Nanjing will broaden international students' awareness of this historic city with a long and illustrious past.

One of the most essential activities for international students is an international culture festival. They will be delighted to display themselves, sing, dance, and engage in any other source of entertainment.

International Students at Nanjing Agricultural University, China
FAQ of Nanjing Agricultural University

Yes, because they are all fully English medium programs.

Answer: The cost of living here is reasonable and affordable; for example, food costs per person per month are around 150 USD. International students have access to five student kitchens.

Nanjing's climate is humid subtropical, and it is influenced by the East Asian monsoon. Summer has the highest temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, while winter has the lowest temperature of -15 degrees Celsius.

The average yearly temperature is around 16 degrees Celsius (60.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

Yes, a student can open a bank account in his own name to keep his extra cash safe. He might also utilize this account to request that his family send any additional funds as needed.

Even though the curriculum is taught in English, international students are required to study Chinese by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Chinese language sessions are only offered three times a week for the first two years, and international students must pass the basic level.

Furthermore, learning some Chinese will be beneficial to pupils in their daily lives.

Answer: The University can pick up students in groups from Nanjing Lukou International Airport and transport them to campus.

However, students should give a comprehensive departure itinerary to our university's representative at least three days ahead of time so that we can pick them up promptly.

The airport pickup service is only accessible during on-duty hours during the registration period.

FAQ of Nanjing Agricultural University

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