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Nanchang Institute of Technology Overview

Nanchang Institute of Technology


Nanchang Institute of Technology (NIT) is located at the capital of Jiangxi province, Nanchang, a historical and cultural city. Established in 1958, NIT is a key university of china. in 2004, the institution was renamed Nanchang Institute of Technology

Covering an area of 2,046.9mu including a schoolhouse of over 650 thousand square meters, NIT consists of two campuses. One is located at Yaohu and the other one is at Pengjiaqiao.

At present, including 891 full-time professionals, over 1,300 faculty members and staff are teaching at NIT. 17,691 full-time students are currently enrolled there including 149 postgraduate students and 3,096 students of junior colleges.

The library of Nanchang Institute University possesses 1,311,400 volumes of books and also has a collection of 1.86 million electronic books.

Having 51 undergraduate majors and 14 junior college majors, the university comprises 15 schools. The university covers several programs of Engineering as well as Arts, Science, Economics, Foreign Languages, History, and Literature.

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Why study at NIT

  • Having 51 undergraduate major programs
  • A good range of Engineering programs
  • 1,300 faculty members and staff
  • Flourished university library with a collection of 1,311,400 books
  • Scholarships and funding for overseas students
  • Covering a large area with two campuses
  • 17,691 full-time students are presently admitted there

  • School of Hydraulic and Ecological Engineering
  • School of Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Profile of school of Information Engineering
  • School of Business Administration
  • School of Economics and Trade
  • School of Humanities and Art
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of International Education
  • School of Science
  • School of Marxism
  • School of Physical Education
  • School of Military Education
  • Yaohu School
  • School of Continuing Education
Schools & Departments

According to UniRank, the ranking of Nanchang Institution of Technology globally is #6812 and among the Chinese universities, its position is #468.

Ranking & Awards

The Chinese government and provincial government always stimulate students to be admitted to Chinese institutions from all over the world. Hence, they offer several scholarships and fundings to international students for maximal courses and programs.

  • Jiangxi Provincial Government Funding
  • Chinese Government Scholarships (CSC)

Besides, various scholarships programs are launched from time to time for overseas students. Bangladeshi students also can apply if they are eligible for the scholarships.

Nanchang Institute of Technology


Nanchang Institute of Technology is a well-known Chinese university in Jiangxi province especially for its Engineering programs as well as Science, Business, Arts, History, Language, and so on programs.

Hence, Bangladeshi students pursuing a prominent foreign university can apply at NIT. Moreover, the Chinese central government and the provincial government bestow scholarships to talented foreign students.

It can be a great opportunity for Bangladeshi students. In addition, the university provides an attractive campus and advanced library that help to strengthen the education environment.For any further queries, you can visit our website or contact via mail to get assistance.

Opportunity for Bangladeshi Students at NIT

There are several ancient and natural mesmerizing beauty at Jiangxi province, near Nanchang Institute of Technology. Mount Sanqing, Huizhou Style Villages, Ancient Luotiancum, Tengwang Pavilion, Jingdezhen- porcelain capital are among them.

Attractive Places to Visit at Jiangxi
FAQ of Nanchang Institute of Technology

Chinese universities are among the best engineering academies in the world. In fact, China produces the largest number of engineering graduates each year.

Different universities' application fee varies from one another but the average amount is around US$ 80-150 each.

You can get a basic consultancy for free in SANGEN but SANGEN also provides private consultants and other services. For more information, you can contact us via email.

Students who are under 18 have to find a guardian who lives in China and provide a letter of guardianship.

FAQ of Nanchang Institute of Technology

NB. All the final information is subject to the University If there are any changes and discrepancies

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