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University Overview

Jilin Normal University Overview

Jilin Normal University, a key university in Jilin Province was founded in 1958. The university is located in Siping City and its campus area covers around 227 acres. In Jilin province, this institution serves as a key place to provide higher education for teachers.

Currently, there are 22 schools and departments, two teaching sections, and twenty-two research units. 63 courses in undergraduate programs covering education, science, engineering, literature, history, law, art, management, and economics. And 108 courses under Master’s degree programs are offered.

It also has established 87 laboratories for different research work.Around 25,000 students are enrolled in this university, among them 13325 are full-time.With international cooperation and teacher development programs, the university had been offering well precise educational modules for thousands of students.

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Why choose Jilin Normal University

Outstanding performance with specialized teaching and application modules made the university among the top choices.

  • Key university in the Province.
  • Provide higher education for the teachers.
  • Application-based education system.
  • 5,450 academic papers were released.
  • Around 25,000 current students.
  • Highly qualified teachers.
  • 87 laboratories.
  • 227 acres of the campus area.
  • 63 undergraduate courses.
  • 108 master’s degree programs.

Jilin Normal University is ranked 681 in China.

Ranking and awards

Jilin Normal University has 22 schools and departments, offering a range of programs.

The programs offered in the university are mainly on these fields and departments

  • Education
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Literature
  • History
  • Law
  • Art
  • Management
  • Economics
Programs, Schools, and departments

Jilin Normal University offers CSC Scholarship and Chinese Government scholarships. The scholarships offered could offer allowances of 4250 CNY to around 32,000 CNY a year.


Jilin Normal University has established cooperative relationships with 15 countries and over 70 universities and scientific research institutions.

The university has exchange programs, in-depth cooperation in various fields with universities across the world.

International collaboration

Jilin Normal University offers apartments to international students. To make International student’s life comfortable, the apartment has a laundry facility, student activity facility, foreign student restaurant, and other modern-day facilities.

Jilin Normal University World Ranking

The campus is located in Siping, Jilin, China.


# Programs Cost/year
1 Undergraduate degree ¥18,000
Fees and expenses

Jilin Normal University is its province’s prominent key university. Specialized education and training for teachers and students offer great opportunities to continue a career in different disciplines.

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FAQ of Jilin Normal University

Yes, Jilin Normal University offers English version programs to international students.

Yes, Jilin Normal University has international student facilities for foreign students.

Yes, a medical checkup is required before flying to China.

Students with 6 months or longer degrees are advised to apply for type X1 visa. If less than 6 months then they should apply for type X2 visa.

Jilin Normal University

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