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Feng Chia University Overview

Feng Chia University

Feng Chia University is a prestigious university in Asia pacific and is especially known for its groundbreaking research work. The university was founded in 1961 located in Taichung City, Taiwan. The university started its journey as Feng China College of Engineering and Business and later in 1980 it was granted university status and changed the name to Feng Chia University.

In this 60 years of the journey, the university has developed itself gradually to a high level. Feng Chia University is ranked 1001-1200 worldwide and 226 in Asia.The university currently comprises 8 schools and colleges and 33 academic departments. The university offers 57 Bachelor’s degrees, 76 Master’s degrees, and 14 doctoral degree programs to its students.

There are currently 20,000 students studying here with about 2,200 faculty guiding them. To date, the university has successfully produced around 190,000 professionals. University’s 17 engineering-related departments have received IEET accreditation.Feng Chia University offers a range of facilities to make the lives of the students a lot easier. These facilities include financial aid, scholarships, accommodation on campus, etc. facilities.

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Why Study at Feng Chia University

Feng Chia University is a prestigious and extensive research-oriented university in Taiwan.

  • One of the best graduate producers in Taiwan according to employers.
  • High student enrollment rate.
  • Ranked 226 in Asia.
  • Renowned for intensive research involvement.
  • Comprehensive curriculum.
  • 20,000 current students.
  • 190,000 alumni.
  • History of over 60 years.
  • Multiple scholarship opportunities.

Feng Chia University is one of the prominent universities in the Asia Pacific and Taiwan. Feng Chia University's ranking is 1001-1200 worldwide and 226 in Asia.

  Feng Chia University Ranking

Feng Chia University offers 57 Bachelor’s degrees, 76 Master’s degrees and 14 doctoral degrees in 33 academic departments and 8 schools and colleges of the following:

  • School of Management Development
  • College of Engineering
  • Business
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Information and Electrical Engineering
  • Construction and Development
  • Finance
Programs, Schools, and Departments

Feng Chia University offers multiple scholarships worth NTD 459,999,110 annually for its students of different levels.

Apart from scholarships, there are several financial aid facilities which students can avail easily. Bangladeshi students can enjoy these facilities upon applying for these opportunities.

Feng Chia University

Feng Chia University offers its students on-campus accommodation facilities which are cheaper than other alternatives outside of campus.

Here the rooms are equipped with the required facilities.


Universities in Taiwan try to offer food of all sorts for their students' diversity. Which also includes foods for Muslim students.

But a Muslim student must be certain regarding available halal food sources in or nearby university before applying to this university.

Halal food availability

The university campus is located in Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan. Having a population of about 2.8 million people this is the second-most populous city in Taiwan.

Campus Location

Taichung City is the second-largest municipality area of Taiwan and one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Students can visit Taichung Park, ShenJi 368 New Village, National Museum of Natural Science, etc. places in Taichung.

Attractive places to visit

Feng Chia University offers different courses at different course fees. But usually the amount stays in between these figures.

SL. No Course Cost
1 Undergraduate Degree NTD 100,000 - 130,000 (tentative)
2 Master’s degree NTD 110,000 - 160,000 (tentative)
Fees & Expenses

In Taichung, the temperature is relatively hot in summer. Highest temperature here reaches around 35°C and the lowest falls around 12°C.

Temperature and weather

Feng Chia University is one of the prestigious research-driven universities in Taiwan. Students can apply to this university for a better study opportunity abroad.

Bangladeshi students who are planning to pursue bachelor, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in Feng Chia University or in other universities of Taiwan or China, can take support from Sangen Edu Ltd. for an easy, hassle-free university admission service.

Students can reach out to Sangen through the website:, contact number, or by physically visiting our office.

Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students
FAQ of Feng Chia University

The address of Feng Chia University is Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan.

A student can apply to Feng Chia University online or can take help from Sangen for an easy, hassle-free application process.

Yes, Feng Chia University offers advanced Computer science degrees along with other engineering degrees.

Yes, students from Bangladesh can easily apply for Feng Chia University scholarships and financial aid facilities. For details check the scholarship section.

For any course over a 6 months period, students should apply for type X2 visa.

FAQ of Feng Chia University

NB. All the final information is subject to the University If there are any changes and discrepancies.

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