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University Overview

Baoshan University Overview

Baoshan University, a key higher education institution, is located in the metropolis of Baoshan, a city in Yunnan province. Established in 1978, the university is gradually advancing and reinforcing higher education in china. The history of this university can be traced to Yongchang Norma School, established in 1905.

With the approval of the Ministry of Education of China, the Baoshan Teachers College in 1978. In 2009, the college was reformed as Baoshan College. Therefore, this institution transitioned from a junior college to an undergraduate and comprehensive academy.

In 2013, the university was allowed to provide bachelor’s degrees and in 2014, to build basic capacity, it was marked as one of the two universities of Yunnan province. In 2015, this university was selected for its progress and transition as one of the ‘reform schools’.in 2017, the university was rated as Applied Talent Training Model University.

The university is producing professionals who are working to evolve the local economy, society, and culture. In fact, graduates from this institution have contributed to national development and progress.

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The university is composed of 14 schools or departments and 15 secondary colleges. It has 68 majors where 48 undergraduate majors and 22 junior college majors. Moreover, here is

  • 1 provincial bilingual coursefacility rooms for impaired and special needs students.
  • 1 provincial applied undergraduate transformation major
  • 1 research base in philosophy and social science
Schools & Programs

Located on the southwest border of China, the Baoshan University campus covers an area of over 165 acres.

An area of 247,700 square meters is used for building area and teaching and administrative purposes 145,200 square meters.

The campus of Baoshan University is founded at the edge of The Great Western Mountains in a tranquil and cultural atmosphere.

Basically, this campus is situated in such a place possessing rich history and serene beauty.

Spectacular Campus

The world rank of Baoshan University is #8407 and among the Asian universities, its position is 4379.

Nationally, the institution’s place is #622 whereas in Baoshan it has the #1 position.

 University Ranking

Baoshan University is a great destination for overseas students and especially for South Asian and Southeast Asian students.

At present, about 40 overseas students are enrolled here and 45 foreign faculty members are from the United States, Britain, Sweden, Myanmar, and so on.

Furthermore, 42 veteran visiting professors from CAE and CAS teach in the university.

International Students

The university is committed to achieving its goals of quality education, research, and innovation. To strengthen education on the world stage and attract overseas genius students, the university recruits several foreign students.

Hence, ambitious and talented students of Bangladesh have a great opportunity to study at Baoshan University since most of the foreign students of this university are from South Asian countries.

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Opportunity for Bangladeshi Students

  • More than 40 provincial and ministerial research prizes.
  • the first prize in employment evaluation.
  • Employment and Entrepreneurship Work Innovation Award.
  • Responsibility System for Employment and Entrepreneurship in Yunnan University Graduates.
  • Collective Encouragement for Advanced Undergraduate Encouragement Initiative
FAQ of Baoshan University

Baoshan University is located in the Baoshan city of Yunnan province, China.

According to UniRank, the university rank globally is 8407 and in Baoshan, it is the #1 university.

You can apply directly at their website or with the help of an education consultancy firm.

Yes, there are. So, before applying, please try to get enough information regarding requirements and criteria.

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