Top 21 List of Education Consultancy Firms in Bangladesh

There are lots of education consultancy firms providing their services throughout the countries for Bangladeshi students. We have sorted out a list of the best 21 consultancy firms in Bangladesh.

Due to make the list relevant, we try to figure out what students think about them, how they perform their activity, how many universities they have an affiliation with, how they care for the students and the reputation they have.

This list has been updated last: 26th April, 2021

Sangen Edu Ltd Logo

1. Sangen Edu Ltd

Sangen Edu Ltd. is a government-registered renowned student consultancy firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This organization was established in 2008. Sangen is one of the most famous “Worldwide Admission and Student Consultant Services” in Bangladesh. Recently, they have received the “Best Educational Consultant Award” for foreign admissions success.

Why Choose Sangen

  • An authorized representative of world-renowned universities
  • Experienced and professional counselors
  • Work on behalf of the students
  • Properly take care of students
  • Sharing expert’s knowledge with students
  • 12 years of experience in education consultancy.
Sangen Edu Ltd Logo

2. IDP Bangladesh

Overseas Education Consultants in Bangladesh – Planning to study abroad? IDP Bangladesh assists students to study in Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, and New Newzealand for a long period.

IDP Bangladesh

3. N&N International

N & N was established in 2010 with the vision of accommodating all services acquired for a student to go abroad. Students miss availing all services under one roof that was the main vision to build up an entity that will allow students to receive all services of University application, Correct assessment, Scholarship application, IELTS/PTE preparation, and registration.

    N&N International Logo

    4. Compreed

    Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, at Comprehensive Educational Consultants (Compreed), they do not force their clients to select a university that they have partnered with, whereas, they give you full freedom to pick any global university that you prefer, and will take care of the rest.

    Compreed Logo

    5. MACES

    MACES is Bangladesh’s leading study abroad consultant working with more than 180 universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia. We pride ourselves on making a difference in the lives of our students through honest and innovative guidance counseling.

    MACES Logo

    6. Executive Trade International

    Executive Trade International was founded in April 2001 for the students who step out and make their careers in foreign lands, with the head office located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. “Executive” provides professional consulting services to students, who like to pursue higher education in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales).

     Executive Trade International

    7. Global Immigration Consultants (GIC)

    Global Immigration Consultants Ltd is one of the leading companies supporting applicants for Immigration, Tourist Visa, Medical Tourism, and expanding into student visa support. With locations in Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, UK, and Australia, they are well equipped with lawyers who would help you in pursuit of your immigration.

     Global Immigration Consultants (GIC)

    8. BSB Global Network

    Education is the backbone of a nation. They strongly believe that education is a fundamental right and everyone should have access to quality higher education. Education is the best option of investment for families and the nation. It is the only means of human resources development to meet the upcoming challenges.

     BSB Global Network Logo

    9. Mentors

    Mentors' was established in 1996 and is now recognized as one of the most reputed admission and standardized test preparation centers of Bangladesh. Over a decade, they are helping and executing properly the process for students who desire to study abroad.

      Mentors Logo

      10. Shaheda Education Consultants

      Shaheda Higher Education Consultancy (SHEC) is a world-class higher education consulting firm headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Through our exceptional advisory services and unparalleled levels of personal attention, they strive to extend global education opportunities, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, to Bangladeshi students.

       Shaheda Education ConsultantsLogo

      11. EduCounsel

      Looking for study options in Dhaka? Edu Counsel Ltd is an overseas educational consultant for study abroad located in Dhaka Bangladesh. Established recently in 2017 to provide personalized counseling, guidance, and hand-holding to students who aspire to study abroad at universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, and Germany.

      EduCounsel Logo

      12. The Overseas Study Solution:

      Looking for study options in Dhaka? The Oversease Study Solution Ltd.(OSS) is an overseas educational consultants for study abroad located in Dhaka.

      The Overseas Study Solution Logo

      13. Atlas Education Consultants

      They provide the best study abroad solutions to the students by assessing their overall circumstances such as their previous academic/professional background, language skill, future study & career plan, financial ability, compliance with the latest visa rules, etc. We represent many prestigious universities & colleges around the globe such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

       Atlas Education Consultants

      14. Overseas Study Counseling

      Overseas study counseling limited was officially inaugurated on 14th February 1996, to open the door for students to greater opportunities. Quality service and reliability have formed the roots of its success over the years.

      Overseas Study Counseling Logo

      15. Educare Education Consultants

      They Offer The Best University For Students EduCare BD is a Platform where Students will get information about Admission, scholarships, and Financial Aid from over 160+ Universities around the world. EduCare BD supports and helps students without compromising the quality that’s because the choices they make about their future are so important.

      Educare Education Consultants Logo

      16. Global Study Ltd

      Global Study Ltd is the one-stop solution for all your international study requirements. Established in 2004, our main focus lies in assisting students to make the right choice concerning pursuing education in overseas educational institutions. Global Study Ltd provides information regarding higher education in various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany & Netherlands.

      Global Study Logo

      17. Visa World Wide Admission

      Once upon a time, Visa World Wide Admission started its first journey with only one office room measuring 250 sq ft. on a rental basis and now Visa WWA is the absolute owner of 12000 sq ft. office space. It has been possible to have ownership of such vast office space because Visa WWA although maintains high professionalism.

       Visa World Wide Admission Logo

      18. Falcon Education & Consultancy Services

      Falcon Education & Career Counselling Services BD, a subsidiary of Falcon Education & Consultancy Services (Pvt) Ltd, founded by Mr. S.A.H. Abidi in 1992 and since then providing counseling and consultancy services worldwide. Falcon Education BD started functioning in February 2011 in Bangladesh fully.

       Falcon Education & Career Counseling Services Logo

      19. International Education Counseling Centre (IECC)

      IECC has been working as an international student counseling agency since 2005 and helping them to realize their dream of studying abroad. IECC represents top universities and educational institutions all over the world and provides a platform where students can get counseling regarding their educational interests, application processing, and visa documentation.

       International Education Counseling Centre Logo

      20.  MIM Study Abroad:

      Offering a full range of services for Offering a full range of services for students willing to study abroad and career counseling, suggesting the appropriate program that suits you, processing application, visa application & interview preparation.

      MIM Study Abroad Logo

      21. CSB Education

      CSB Education is a group of sophisticated and experienced education counselors who understand the needs of the students, their parents, and the sponsors. It was founded in 2007 to provide students a unique personal service to ensure happiness and success in the country & abroad to achieve their educational goals.

      CSB Education Logo

      We try to feature some of the renowned education consultancy firms in the country. Following some standards, we create This list which is not an absolute one and we don’t claim it to be a perfect one, however, we are open to adding more companies to this list in the future. The chronology we follow is not the basis of ranking but definitely from the top of a consulting firm.