Foundation Programm
Foundation Programm

Study in Foundation Program Abroad from Bangladesh with Sangen Edu

The study abroad program is an excellent idea for students who want to pursue higher education. Students can apply for the Study abroad program and research their target destination, which can assist them greatly.

The Foundation program is for students who want to fill the gap in their education. Students can join this program with different degrees.

Nowadays, people prefer to study in a foundation program abroad from Bangladesh. There are a lot of reasons for students to learn abroad. You can join the management, engineering, paramedic program, and many more.

Go Abroad and Study in The Foundation Program From Bangladesh

If you’re considering studying in the Foundation Program from Bangladesh, we highly recommend it. It’s an entirely new experience and will be a life-changing adventure for you.

The main reason to study a foundation program abroad is to widen your horizon and make your future secure. Thousands of students apply for a course in the Foundation Program from Bangladesh every year.

If you’re moving for the first time out of your own country, you must know how important it is to make a careful choice.

This course lasts six months to one year. The foundation course is designed to introduce you to education in Western countries. You’ll study a general course, learning basic knowledge.

Go Abroad and Study in The Foundation Program From Bangladesh

Reasons to Choose Foundation Program Abroad from Bangladesh

The Foundation Program Abroad is a more detailed and systematic program of study than the regular Bachelor’s Degree. Choosing to pick it up while studying abroad gives you a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons.

As most students know, the foundation program abroad is a one-year program where students take introductory courses that help them prepare for a Bachelor’s degree.

  • It takes less time, less effort, and less money than any other similar degree.
  • This program offers better opportunities for those who want to join the workforce
  • It can improve literacy levels in an area where they’re low
  • Part-time work opportunity
  • It can help developing countries with skilled labor
  • Students will be able to advance in higher-level courses
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Requirements to Apply for Foundation Program in Abroad

Applicants must have a high secondary school degree or equivalent to apply to the foundation program.

However, applicants who have not met this requirement may enter the 3-month preparatory course, which will enable them to take the Foundation Program examination and join the Foundation Program if they successfully pass.

  • Minimum TOFEL and IELTS score of 4.5
  • Higher Secondary transcripts
  • Personal statement
  • A letter of recommendation.
  • Certificate or testimonial of current work experience
  • Scanned copy of visa and passport
Requirements to Apply for Foundation Program in Abroad
Scholarships and Funding Opportunities for Ph.D. Program from Bangladesh

Scholarships And Funding Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students

A lot of people know how to study abroad, but they don’t know how to find funding while studying. The good news is that there are a lot of scholarships and funding opportunities available for students who are studying abroad.


International students can apply for the foundation year. However, if you’re a citizen of a Commonwealth country, the entry requirements are higher.

Yes, Foundation is accepted worldwide. However, more than 160 countries have foundations.

If you’ve finished your SSC or equivalent, you may apply to study in the UK. Few universities allow undergraduate entry after SSC or equivalent, so it is better to search for the courses online before applying.

An international foundation course is a one-year qualification that gives you the required knowledge and understanding to progress onto higher education (HE) courses.

Foundation Program